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Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Ointment

Eye Envy Solution is a topical ointment for the treatment and prevention of eye stains that form on dogs. It’s a safe, all natural formulation which means it can be used on pups as young as 8 weeks. It’s the best alternative to ingestible tear stain treatments and eliminates the risks commonly associated with them. Eye Envy Solution is designed to be used with all dog breed types and is super effective on light coats such as Maltese, Shih Tzu, Havanese, Poodle, Samoyed and Bichon. If you would like to buy Eye Envy Tear Stain remover click here.

  Causes of Tear Stains

Most domestic dog breeds come from a long line of selectively bred variations. This inherently leads to some defective traits being passed down the line. One of the most notable is tear stain formation from excessive tear duct activity. Breeds with short snouts are particularly susceptible to excess tear production, and hence, tear stains. With Eye Envy Solution, you can do away with tear stains using the revolutionary two step process.

What is Eye Envy Solution  

  Eye Envy Solution’s topical formulation eliminates many risks that can occur from ingesting oral drugs such as intoxication or over-dosage. If you’re not too careful you can end up giving your dog too much of the medicine, which can commonly occur when you’re in a hurry, going about your daily work. On the other hand, there’s also the risk of giving your dog too little medicine, which means it won’t be effective! This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, when you add oral medication to food, your dog might not gobble up the entire dose, or some might not get digested, or some might get digested, only to be passed in stool. Why risk it? Topical formulations like Eye Envy Solution are a much more reliable form that keeps you away from all these risks.

Benefits of Eye Envy Solution  


Eye Envy for Tear Stains

Topical Solution

One useful advantage of Eye Envy Solution over oral forms is that you won’t have to worry about your furry friend holding down medicine, but rather, all you need is a dab and a dusting. You might not know this but oral medication can cause quite a hassle when it comes to dogs. It’s difficult getting our dogs to take the medicine, especially since most medication tastes absolutely terrible. That’s why even if they take it once, they run away every time they get a whiff of the medicine. On the other hand, Eye Envy Solution is a topical solution which means it doesn’t have to be palatable. Your dogs won’t even know they’re taking it.

Prevents Tear Stains     

 One of the great things about Eye Envy Solution is that it not only helps treat existing stains, but it also helps inhibit the formation of new stains. That’s right; it’s not only a form of treatment but also a form of prophylaxis. This is something you won’t easily find on the market because most companies are only concerned with removing the tear stain so the customer would think that their product is effective. But what about recurrent stains? Not their business. On the other hand, Eye Envy Solution thinks way ahead, making sure that the stains not only go away, but stay away. After all, who wants to keep taking medication forever?

Doesn’t Contain Tylosin    

 Unlike many eye stain formulae which contain Tylosin, a powerful antibiotic used in agriculture for livestock, Eye Envy Solution is free from this harsh ingredient as well as other typically harmful chemicals such as chlorine or peroxide which merely mask symptoms as opposed to offering treatment. There are quite a few products on the market that brag about how effectively they get rid of tear stains, but they fail to mention just how dangerous or risky their use is. Because these products contain tylosin, they come with lots of potential side effects.

That’s why tylosin is not approved by the FDA for use in domestic pets. It’s only recommended for livestock such as poultry, swine, and cattle. If tear stain products containing tylosin are used for long term, there’s a risk of your dogs developing resistance. That means that in the future, tylosin and other antibiotics won’t work when your dog really needs them! See? It really IS a good thing that Eye Envy Solution doesn’t just go with the flow and doesn’t have tylosin in it like other products on the market.

Organic Solution

 Besides not having Tylosin in its formulation, there’s another very important advantage to Eye Envy Solution that people take for granted. It’s a completely natural formulation. So what’s the big deal? Well, completely natural means that Eye Envy Solution doesn’t have chemicals and synthetic active ingredients. Again, so what? Well, pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know this but pretty much any chemical ingredient added to products comes with some sort of side effect.

It’s true. Human bodies and dogs’ bodies, as well, tend to favor natural products. When you use something that contains synthetic chemicals, side effects such as irritation, inflammation, redness, swelling, and much more can occur. Sure, these chemical-based tear stain removal products are quite effective, but our furry buddies have to pay the price and deal with these side effects. That’s why it’s smarter to go for natural products that are free from these pesky side effects and don’t come with a catch.

How to Use Eye Envy Solution

Alright so you’ve bought Eye Envy Solution, how do you use it? As tempting as it may be to apply it three or four times a days, it’s better to stick to the recommended dose which is once a day. Why? Because Eye Envy Solution is powerful and very effective so you don’t need to apply it several times a day, once will do the trick. Besides, it’s actually a good thing that the recommended dose is once daily, so you won’t have to keep track of dosage times.

It’s important to avoid going above the daily dose because it won’t actually make the stains go away faster, it’ll just annoy your dog and risk overmedication. Eye Envy Solution is usually applied in conjunction with a certain powder until the stains go away. And trust me; they’ll go away in no time. Once they have, you should keep applying Eye Envy Solution to make sure the stains don’t return. Once weekly should be enough to keep staining at bay.

A Little About Eye Envy Solution

One of the most important things to consider when picking a new product is its brand. There are hundreds of products on the market, so why choose Eye Envy Solution? Because Eye Envy is a brand like no other. It’s one of the leading manufacturers of tear stain removal products on the market. Eye Envy Solution’s reviews and customer feedback are practically glowing with positivity and satisfied dog owners. That’s how you know a product is truly effective and worth buying; when customers take time out to write a review and express just how satisfied they are with the product. And if you don’t trust the reviews, just ask your local vet because vets absolutely love Eye Envy Solution. They recommend and prescribe it on a daily basis, knowing just how reliable it is.

 Physician Recommendations

 As safe and effective as Eye Envy Solution is, you should always check with your vet or seek professional advice before trying out any new product. Your vet can determine whether there are any potential allergies or unforeseen contraindications that you might miss. But overall, in terms of safety, Eye Envy Solution is truly amazing. I mean, it’s even used for tiny, 8-week-old puppies!

Packaging and Uses

 Eye Envy Solution is manufactured in the USA to the highest pharmaceutical standards. It’s one of the most versatile products on the market when it comes to stains. It not only works for tear stains but for a variety of other stains such as saliva, urine, and even paw stains. There are a lot different sizes available to choose from. You can choose from 59ml vials all the way up to 473ml vials. And to make Eye Envy Solution even more versatile, they made a variety for cats, as well. That’s right, our favorite feline friends won’t feel left out because they’re just as important as our furry buddies.

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