Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

You know how awkward you feel when you walk around with a stain after spilling some coffee or ketchup on your shirt? Well, imagine how your dog feels when it constantly has to deal with tear stains. They’re pretty frustrating and can mess up even the most beautiful of fur coats. Luckily, tear stains are manageable, but only if you use the right tear stain remover. One of the best ones you can try is Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover. It works like magic. This heavenly mixture of blueberry and oatmeal gets rid of your pup’s tear stains and leaves it soft, shiny, and lustrous. What else is special about Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover, you ask? Here’s the secret.  

Features of Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover

Let’s start with Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover’s incredible fragrance. Who doesn’t love vanilla and blueberryIt’s like wiping away your pup’s tear stains with a delicious blueberry pancake. You’ll find that most tear stain removers on the market don’t smell so good. At the very best, they smell like soap or detergent. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover, on the other hand, comes with a fragrance that you’ll love and show off!  

Light and Gentle

Don’t be fooled by the oatmeal aroma, it doesn’t have the same consistency as oatmeal. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is extremely light and gentleThat’s because it’s formulated and produced as foam, which quickly and gently removes tear stains. It also gets rid of stains caused by urine, dirt, blood, and many other particles.  

Oatmeal for Nourishment and Hydration

So why oatmeal, you might ask? For two reasons: nourishment and hydration. Those are the two things oatmeal is famous for in topical formulations. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover gets rid of the tear stains while giving your pup’s coat a plethora of nutrients. Not to mention it hydrates both the skin and the coat, leaving your dog soft, fresh, and vibrant!   


The best thing about Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is that its ingredients are completely natural.  We’re talking about oatmeal and blueberries. There’s not even soap in there so you can be sure it’s free of harsh chemicals. This is important because there’s always a chance your pup might be allergic to some random ingredient. That’s why Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is formulated to be hypoallergenic and completely natural.  

Regulates PH Levels

Another thing that Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover does is balance your pup’s pH levels. What does that mean? Well, in addition to cleaning your pup’s fur and removing tear stains, it makes sure your pup’s skin isn’t too acidic nor too basic. This is important because more often than not, your dog’s tear stains are caused by a pH imbalance. This allows bacteria, fungi, yeast, and all kinds of microorganisms to grow around the eyes which eventually leads to tear stains.  

By regulating the pH levels of your pup’s coat and skin, Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover essentially treats and prevents tear stains at the same time!  

If your pup’s eyes are especially sensitive and prone to tearing, you’re probably worried about using anything so close to the eyes. Don’t be. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is as gentle as it gets and completely safe. In fact, it’s formulated to be “tear-free”, which means there’s no chance of irritating your pup’s eyes. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should get it in your dog’s eyes on purpose. Try to stick to the area around the eyes, mouth, and nose but if it does accidentally reach the eyes, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is ultra-light, tear-free, and non-irritant. 

One great about the Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is that it’s formulated using aromatherapy. This helps give your pup a nice relaxing experience that’ll soothe away any discomfort and relieve irritation. It’s like your very own spa experience in a small 8-oz bottle.  

Why is Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover so effective?  

Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover can get rid of tear stains along with other kinds of stains regardless of what caused them. The secret lies in its exfoliating abilities. It can remove all kinds of particles that cause stains like dirt, blood, urine, dust, tears, and any unwanted pigments.            

Is Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover Safe? 

 The answer is simple: as safe as it gets. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is one of the gentlest, most delicate tear stain remedies on the market. Not only is it ultra-light and formulated as foam, but it also consists of all-natural, completely safe ingredients. That means there aren’t any chemicals, additives, or harmful components.  

Keep in mind that most tear stain removers are intended for use very close to the eyes. That means they should all be generally safe because there’s a big chance you might get some in your dog’s eyes. That being said, Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is formulated tear-free which means even if it finds its way into your pup’s eyes, you won’t have to worry about a thing.        

You should also know that Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. It’s also safe for dogs of all ages. That means if your pup is a few months old and it’s already developing tear stains, don’t wait for them to get worse. Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover is a safe quick-fix you can use.  

Can I use Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover with other Products? 

Let’s say your pup is unlucky enough to suffer from both tear stains and fleas or any other problem. What do you do then? Do you stop your topical anti-flea medication in favor of treating tear stains or vice versa? Neither. You don’t have to worry about Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover interacting with any other topical medication because it’s soap-free. You can use it simultaneously with other preparations however you’d like.       


Tropiclean Tear Stain Remover eliminates tear stains and gets rid of even the toughest stains. It’s a tiny magic potion that leaves your pup clean, shiny, and lustrous, with just a quick, foamy application. And to top it all off, it comes with a delicious blueberry and oatmeal fragrance. Your pup will love this spa-in-a-bottle experience!  

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