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Strongid Dewormer for Dogs

Take it from a fellow dog owner, worms are no picnic. They’re disgusting and unpleasant. Even worse, they’re pretty much unavoidable. No matter how hygienic your pup is and no matter how well you take care of its environment, it always finds a way to get infected.   To be fair, it’s not really your …

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Best Over-the-Counter Dewormers for Dogs 

You’ve probably seen this scenario a hundred times. Your dog goes outside, rolls around in the dirt, sniffs other dogs’ poop, puts its nose in the soil, and even grabs a stick or two to bring home for safekeeping.   It’s just basic puppy-nature. They can’t help it. The problem is all of …

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Nemex Dewormer Treatment for Dogs

Your experience as a dog owner isn’t complete if you haven’t had to deal with worms at some point in your pup’s life. They’re the absolute worst. It’s like no matter how much care you give your dog, worms find their way into its gastrointestinal tract.   Preventing worms is …

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Valbazen for Dogs

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is. Whether you have a newborn pup or a beautiful old-timer, at some point or another, it has probably suffered from worms. It’s just a fact. No matter how good your precautions are, dogs are extremely susceptible to worm infections.   This is why it’s …

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Deworming Your Dog and Top Product Recommendations

Dogs make wonderful companions and additions to any household. With that being said, as a dog’s parent, you need to be aware of the various health challenges faced by dogs. Dogs are active in nature and as such, they “sniff” around rather frequently. As a result, they are exposed to …

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