Biosilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo

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Biosilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Shampoo is rich in vitamins that are essential for a healthy coat. Its proven to whiten your dog’s coat and it also has essential vitamins and minerals that will moisturize your dogs skin and restore your dog’s coat to a healthy looking shine.


Biosilk shampoo for dogs is a silk therapy product for white furred dogs. It is for use in grooming and ensures the pretty white fur of your dog does not get ugly dog tear stains. The shampoo removes the tear stains with proper and regular use. It is safe to use on dogs that have had recent treatments of topical tick and flea control preparations. The shampoo comes in curvy bottles that make use of a screw cap to prevent leakage of the shampoo. This shampoo promises to be safe for your dog and to keep the dog skin well moisturized. It is free of parabens and sulfates. 

Manufacturing of the Biosilk for Dogs Silk Therapy whitening shampoo is in the USA. It follows strict standards that have ensured the shampoo is approved by relevant authorities. Biosilk has been in the hair care business for many years and gained experience making products for human and animal use. The dog shampoos made by Biosilk make use of the same innovative technologies and ingredients that are in the Biosilk Therapy line of products for human use. They include enriching vitamins, silk and natural plant extracts for best care of your dog’s fur. 

This is a luxuriously formulated treat for your pet dog. Use it regularly to protect the hair of your dog from getting weak and even falling off. The shampoo also keeps the fur white and the skin moisturized. In addition to cleaning away tear stains, this shampoo is also good for cleaning dogs that are often rolling around in the dirt. A calming scent that has been the signature scent of Biosilk hair care products for many years now is added to this shampoo. It is a nice smell and lasts long on the dog’s hair coat. Cleaning your dog’s hair with this shampoo leaves the hair soft, pliable and strong. 


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  1. Miriam

    Product arrived in about a week after ordering. Communication with the seller was fast and he answered all the questions I had about this product to my satisfaction.

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