Nourishing Gentle Dog Grooming Whitening Shampoo Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scent 

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Nourishing Gentle dog grooming shampoo is  whitening shampoo that is very effective in getting rid of dog tear stains. This shampoo will help to restore your dog’s coat to its former glory. Its also a great moisturizer.



Nourishing Gentle dog grooming shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo for dogs of any size. It is safe for use on puppies with dilution. This dog fur whitening shampoo is manufactured in the USA. It is of high quality and formulated with use on your pet in mind. Get the shampoo in various packaging sizes including in a 1-gallon bottle. The shampoo has glycerin, jojoba and Decyl Glucoside among others as its active ingredients. They make the shampoo very effective at keeping your dog clean and the fur bright in color. It does not contain any parabens. Nourishing Gentle Dog Grooming Whitening Shampoo has a pleasant vanilla scent. 


This dog fur whitening shampoo is used to wash your dog’s fur to make it white and bright. The shampoo removes dog tear stains when used regularly and in the right procedure. Recommendations from the manufacturer of the shampoo guide you in using the shampoo. Make sure to apply the shampoo in an amount that is enough for a bath. Use a front to rear motion to apply the shampoo so that it does not get into your dog’s eyes with ease. Upon applying this dog hair whitening shampoo, allow it to stay on the dog’s hair for 3-5 minutes. This is ample time for the shampoo to clean the hair, moisturize the sin and remove dog tear staining. Wash off the shampoo with enough water and dry your pet dog. You may further groom it and apply conditioner among others. 


Dogs with stained hair around the eyes, mouth, paws and other areas on the dog’s body is reduces the beauty of your pet dog. Formulation of the shampoo to remove tear stains using this shampoo makes the hair whitening process a breeze for you. The formulation also allows for the shampoo to leave flea and tick control treatments on the hair of your dog unaffected. 




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