Beaphar Tear Stain Remover Review

Tear stains are a pain. It’s like no matter how hygienic your pup is and no matter how much you take care of it; tear stains find their way onto its fur. Sure, tear stains aren’t necessarily dangerous or anything, but who wants their beautiful pup to trot around with dark, reddish-brown streaks on its face? Luckily, tear stains are easily managed if you have the right tools. One of the best remedies you can use is a tear stain remover like Beaphar Tear Stain Remover, for example.  

Beaphar Tear Stain Remover is known for being relentless when it comes to tear stains. It works like magic. You might need to apply it a few times, but it’ll definitely get rid of even the toughest stains. 

The Secret behind Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 

Beaphar Tear Stain Remover may work like magic, but there’s a very scientific secret behind this solution. It contains an important compound called sodium borate. What’s special about it? Well, two things.  

First of all, sodium borate helps prevent discoloration. It simply stops the stains from sticking to your pups fur and pigmenting or discoloring it.  

Second, sodium borate as pH-altering properties and that’s why it’s a key ingredient in Beaphar Tear Stain Remover. That means it has the ability to modify the pH levels of your pup’s coat, making it not too acidic and not too basic. What does that have to do with anything? Good question. 

More often than not, tear stains are caused by bacteria, fungi, yeast, and other microorganisms. They somehow find their way to the fur around your dog’s eyes, settle down, grow, multiply, and cause an infection around the eyes. This is what ultimately leads to tear stains. The question is: how did these microorganisms find their way to the fur around your pup’s eyes? Simple. They look for skin or fur with a pH imbalance.  

That’s why the sodium borate in Beaphar Tear Stain Remover is so important. It helps adjust the skin and fur’s pH levels making it unfavorable for microorganisms to grow in. Simply put, it keeps infection at bay and, therefore, you can forget about tear stains. Pretty smart, huh?   

How to use Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 

It’s actually quite simple. All you need is a cotton swab and the Beaphar Tear Stain RemoverFirst, apply a small amount of the solution to the cotton swab. Next, carefully rub the stained areas around the eyes, mouth, and nose. Make sure to avoid your pup’s eyes. Beaphar Tear Stain Remover may be gentle but it shouldn’t get inside your dog’s eyes.  

Ideally, you want to apply Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 3 times a day for a few weeks. This will ensure that the tears stain disappear and never come back.  

Don’t worry about running out of the solution before the tear stains are gone. Beaphar Tear Stain Remover comes in a big 50ml-bottle which is more than enough for daily application. In fact, you probably won’t even finish your first bottle before you realize the tear stains are practically gone!  

Is Beaphar Tear Stain Remover Safe? 

Good question. When you think about buying a product for your dog, you shouldn’t just consider how effective it is. You need to think about its safety profile, as well. So how safe is Beaphar Tear Stain Remover? Very.  

First of all, Beaphar Tear Stain Remover can be used for pups as young as 12 weeks of age. That means it has a pretty decent safety profile. Most pups of that age have sensitive skin and very few products are allowed for pups so young. 

Beaphar Tear Stain Remover can be used daily, as much as you’d like, to get rid of tear stains around the eyes and other areas. There aren’t any side effects.  

The main reason Beaphar Tear Stain Remover is so safe is that it’s free from harsh chemical additives. There isn’t any bleach, peroxide, or other harmful whitening ingredients. Sure, these things might be effective at removing tear stains, but they come at a cost: your pup’s health. 

How fast does Beaphar Tear Stain Remover work? 

Sure, Beaphar Tear Stain Remover is pretty effective, but don’t expect an instant effect. It’s not a magic potion, although, after a few applications, you might think it is. It takes some time to work but you can be sure that after a few times, the tear stains will be gone for good.  

Ideally, you should use Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 3 times a day for a few weeks. However, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the tear stains after the first few applications. Keep in mind that you’re not only treating tear stains but you’re also preventing them since Beaphar Tear Stain Remover helps stop the recurrence of tear stains.  

Can I use Beaphar Tear Stain Remover for my other Pets? 

The cute white Maltese dog is in dog salon. Dog is combing by female groomer and is looking to the camera.

Beaphar Tear Stain Remover can be used for both dogs and cats. If you’ve got more than one furry friend at home and tear stains are becoming a household problem, you can use Beaphar Tear Stain Remover for your other pets, too!  

A word about Beaphar 

Before you go out and buy a product, you should always take a look at its manufacturer. That way, you can get a sense of the quality and authenticity of the product before you spend your hard-earned money on it. Let’s take a look at the company behind Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 

If you were to go online and research Beaphar, the first thing you’d see is a large statement highlighted in bold letters: “Because Pets Are Family Too”. Enough said, right? Beaphar pride themselves on 4 key values: family, accessibility, affordability, and quality.  

The company provides top-quality products, like Beaphar Tear Stain Remover, at an affordable price in over 86 countries around the world! They believe that pets are family and who wouldn’t want the best possible care for a family member?  

With over 90% of the company’s employees being pet-owners, you can rest assured knowing your pup’s in good hands with Beaphar Tear Stain Remover 


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