The Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Wash Relief Review

Are you looking for that eye relief for your Pet?  Here’s one that works Magic. The Bausch & Lomb advanced eye wash relief (used on my 2-year-old Pug, Maggie) product review.

I’m an enthusiastic animal lover and mum to three lovely pets; two dogs and a cat.

Sometime last month, I noticed my two-year-old pug, Maggie, was having some sort of eye discomfort, she was growling more than usual and couldn’t stop pawing at her eyes too. Buy Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Wash here.

This got me worried, but what even stirred a deeper concern was when I also noticed a swelling right on her left eye the next morning.

After doing some personal research, I suspected an Eye infection probably caused by contamination, dust, or dirt.

It all made sense to me! I worked at a fertilizer plant and I had taken Maggie to work earlier that week.

Maybe I careful enough and some chemicals got into her eye which made her left eye irritated, swollen, dry, and reddened. Yeah, her left eye was pretty messed up.

But I still wasn’t completely sure what was wrong. So, I spoke with a fellow dog parent who suggested a prescription course of corticosteroids she used on her pooch a few weeks ago.

He suspected maggie’s ailment to be some sort of allergic reaction.

Did Some Research

After researching these corticosteroids, I found out it contained injectable forms of prednisone, prednisolone, dexamethasone, and triamcinolone.

And drugs like prednisone and prednisolone have been proven to suppress a dog’s immune system.

So I became concerned that these drugs might make Maggie become more susceptible to infections and possibly even lead to life-threatening consequences.

I decided to find something more natural instead of the corticosteroids.

Then, of course, I knew I had just one option. Visit the vet!

A day before the vet’s appointment, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed where I came across a post about an eye condition similar to what Maggie had.

The post made mention of using Bausch & Lomb advanced eyewash relief to treat dogs for everything to get back to normal.

Also, I found tons of positive reviews on this product and when I called my vet to tell him about this eyewash, he gave his OKAY for me to use it on Maggie.

I easily found this product in my local grocery store, so here’s my experience just in case another dog parent may find this helpful.

Table of Contents

  • What is The Bausch & Lomb advanced eye wash relief?
  • How safe is it?
  • Application of The Bausch &Lomb eye wash relief
  • Is it affordable and Where can I get this product?
  • Is it worth your time and money?
  • Does The Bausch & Lomb advanced eyewash relief work?
  • Home remedies you can try?
  • Is this only suitable for dog use?
  • Negative effects on using The Bausch & Lomb advanced eye wash relief?
  • Do I recommend using this product?

What is The Bausch & Lomb advanced Eye Wash Relief?

The Bausch & Lomb advanced eye wash relief is an irrigating solution made in the USA.

It is used to irrigate the eyes to get rid of foreign substances that may be present in the eyes.

This product,  although made for humans, is safe to use on our canine friends since it doesn’t contain any substances that are harmful to dogs.

This product mainly consists of purified water (> 99%) as an active ingredient.

It also contains a boric acid which has great cleaning and healing properties in cases of itching.

And due to the mild acid contained in it, it’s effectiveness is increased.

Other ingredients in this solution are; sodium borate, and sodium chloride, and benzalkonium chloride (as a preservative).

This product does not contain thimerosal.

How Safe is it?

I’ll say it is safe, if I were asked to rate by percentage, I’d say this product is over 90 percent safe.

I didn’t notice it sting Maggie or cause her any pain.

Although, dogs will be dogs and just like humans, they don’t like the idea of anything coming too close to their eyes.

So it takes some time for me to safely use this on Maggie.

Now here’s something noteworthy.

In a few cases, some dog parents have reported stinging and discomfort when this product was used close to an open wound in or near the eyes and also when the solution had a color change or became cloudy as a result of contamination.

These two cases above should be taken into consideration. So if there’s an open wound in or near the eyes, it may not be safe to use this product.

Application of The Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Wash Relief

This product comes in a 4FL OZ (118 ml) plastic bottle with a white and blue label design.

The plastic bottle has a nozzle for easy application and could be used by flushing your dog’s eyes until visible debris completely comes out.

Or by using clean hands, and a small piece of very soft sterile cotton ball moistened with the Bausch & Lomb advanced eyewash relief solution and gently inside your pooch’s eyes.

You could also apply by directly applying just a few drops into your pet’s eyes to wash out any foreign material to soothe your dog’s eyes.

Is it affordable and Where can I get this product?

The Bausch & Lomb eye wash relief is not pricey and can be gotten in most grocery or drug stores.

It’s also available on Walmart, Amazon at a pocket-friendly price.

Ranging from about $4-$17 across various online stores. This is cheaper when compared to a Vet’s appointment.

But if you suspect your dog may have a more serious problem, please consult your vet immediately.

Is it worth your time and money?

Yes, it is totally worth it!

Actually, using this product doesn’t really take time only when I have to convince Maggie to get them in her eyes (she can be stubborn sometimes…haha!)

This product is something any dog parent can consider when seeking an effective and affordable eyewash relief for their pooches.

Does The Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Wash Relief work?

Well, having used the Bausch & Lomb advanced eyewash relief on Maggie, I can say it’s a win because it totally worked!

I also read several feedback from other dog parents who also confirmed the efficacy of this product.

So generally speaking, yeah, it works!

Home Remedies you can try?

Additionally, you could also try out some home remedies like using a clean cotton cloth with warm water to clean your dog’s eyes.

Try as much as possible to start at the center, close to the nose and then cleanout.

Also, you can try a homemade saline solution… It’s pretty easy to make one from the comfort of your home.

Simply mix 1/4 cup of warm purified water and 1/4 teaspoon of salt and then use a clean cotton cloth soaked in this solution to wipe your dog’s eyes carefully starting from the snout.

Is this only suitable for dog use?

The answer to that is NO.

While I was reading up some comments and feedback from users, some people mentioned using this product on their cats with a good outcome.

I have also seen some people enquiring if this product works for birds… the truth is, I’m not sure about this…so, I suggest you check with your veterinarian before using it on your bird.

Negative effects of using The Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eyewash relief?

The only notable negative effect as I did mention sometime in this review, it could have some effects if used when there’s an open wound around or near the dog’s eyes.

So here’s a reminder, please don’t apply if your dog has an open wound around or in the eye.

Do I recommend using this product?


After the magic, Bausch & Lomb advanced eyewash relief worked on Maggie…I recommend 100%.

Although there were a couple of other options, this solved Maggie’s problem…so yeah, I think you can try it on your pooch too.

I look forward to seeing many more reviews on  Bausch & Lomb advanced eye wash relief after dog daddies and mummies try out this amazing product.

So, cheers to your clear-eyed doggie 🙂

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