Best Anti Knuckling Boots For Dogs

Anti-Knuckling dog boots are very important for dogs who have trouble walking due to dragging of their feet, or paw injuries. This problem is called knuckling and it is often seen on injured, disabled and elderly dogs.

Thankfully, there are dog boots available that can help your dog significantly and in some cases even correct this issue. These boots provide better traction on slippery floors such as hardwood, ceramic and tile and give relief to impaired and arthritic dogs.

These non-slip dog boots are very essential for ageing pets. If your dog is knuckling its paws, it is important to use a protective boot as this will protect the dog’s nails from damage, help prevent injury and infection while improving the effect of the climate on your doggie’s paw.

So, to help you choose the best doggie boots for your pup, here are the best ones (in no particular order) available on the market based on reviews from pet owners.

Amongst these, you’ll find one that will help your pup, fit your budget, and suit your style.

Walkaboots Knuckling Protection Boots for Dogs

These are protective dog boots produced in the US by Walkabout and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use to help dogs that suffer from paw dragging/ knuckling.

These boots also protect your dog’s paw from scrapes and cuts.

They have great traction for gripping slippery surfaces and they come in pairs.

This is a product trusted and recommended by several veterinary hospitals all over the world.

It has an extra sole on the top of the boot that helps to prevent abrasions and scrapes to your dog’s paws and claws, as well as protecting the boot from wearing out on the top as regular boots will.

They are from water-resistant, 2 mm durable neoprene, and feature moisture-absorbing liners and rubber soles for extra support and insulation.

The sizes range from XSmall – XLarge to help you purchase one that hugs your pooch’s paws and fits like a glove.

They have a velcro wrap that stays on even the most active dog, they are very comfortable, and they enable your dog to move around as normal.

A pair sells between $16.00 – $38.89 depending on your dog’s size.


Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots

This product has been in existence for 18+ years, helping dogs with nerve damage, CDRM, spinal stroke or accidents that cause paw dragging. These boots are fully waterproof and excellent for use in cases where dressings and casts must be kept dry.

It is made of high-quality specialist breathable waterproof materials, and leather paw pads and toe-caps to protect the paw from ground contact, whilst maintaining a natural feel for your pup.

All the dog boots from paw active are hand made in Ireland.

If you encounter any confusion while trying to purchase this for your dog, there’s an option to contact the producers and tell them your dog’s breed, paw size and needs. This helps to make sure you purchase the right size, and that this product is helpful for your dog. The lightweight orthopedic design allows your dog to move freely.

You can purchase just one boot or two boots because sometimes your dog requires only one boot to use on an injured paw.

And the price?

Because it varies depending on the size, you can get one of these boots between $17.00 – $102.52 across different online pet stores.

Sports Dog Shoes

Sports dog shoes are suitable for summer, indoor, outdoor. These medical/orthopedic dog shoes protect your dog’s paws from heat hazards and provide added traction on slippery floors. These dog boots also help your pup’s dragging paws situation due to issues like degenerative myelopathy.

They also work for your arthritic dog who needs help with traction indoors and on slippery floors.

These dog boots are made of a breathable and durable nylon-mesh with strong anti-slip rubber soles which makes them perfect for protecting your pet while it engages in activities during any time of the year.

The super-comfortable, flexible and breathable nylon-mesh material at the top paired with a non-slip rubber sole and extra-long reflective velcro ankle straps make this a perfect boot for your knuckling pooch.

It also has reflective ankle straps great which are great for night time walking to help your pup get seen especially at night. You can purchase these in a set of 4, they are often white and black and come packed in a clear pouch.

They are available in 12 sizes from size 1 – 12 and sold for $44.99 per set of 4 boots.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots is one of the best selling boots, ideal for every weather indoor/outdoor, breathable, and water-resistant boot. These dog boots prevent slipping and sliding indoors on hardwood floors and tile due to their super grippy sole.

It also protects your dog’s paws and keeps them dry in snow and water, and helps to prevent burns from hot pavement. They are made with Toughtek® soles which are anti-slip and allow your dog to run around.

If your dog needs assistance getting off the ground, this is also a great product to use.

These boots are perfect for orthopedic use for dogs who have knuckling problems. These water-proof breathable nylon material dog boots with Toughtek® anti-slip soles, dual velcro straps and foam enclosure are very simple to put on, and they don’t slip off.

Additionally, the soles are grippy, flexible, skid resistance with a durable thermoplastic material.

Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots also have a cushion (foam) at the closures to create a secure grip and cushion your dog’s paw when the boot is tightened…this makes it very comfortable for your dog.

It is sold in a set of 4 boots which come in reinforced secure packaging. The best part about these boots are that they cheap! One set costs about $36.00 across various online pet stores.

Pawtrexx Dog Boots

Pawtrexx Dog Boots are lightweight yet durable and designed to handle any indoor and outdoor activities. It is a very useful anti-knuckling dog boot that’s well worth the price.

These dog boots are breathable, with an ultra-thick, pliable, grippy sole that helps to keep your dog’s feet secure even on slippery surfaces. The overall design ensures that the boots stay on and your dog’s paws stay comfortable.

These boots are very easy to use and ideal for orthopedic use as well as protection from wounds caused by dragging paws. They also help to comfort dogs with hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy and arthritis (conditions that cause knocking).

Pawtrexx Dog Boots boots come in two different types; one for summer and the other for the winter season. The design is with a reflective piping, durable ultra-thick non-slip rubber sole and reflective dual velcro closure.

These boots also stay in place with the double hook and loop closure and dual velcro straps added to them during production – these straps make them easy to put on and off.

It also has a reinforced toe which is ideal for orthopedic use especially in cases of knuckling.

These boots come in a set of 2, packaged in a clear zip-pouch and one pair of these summer or winter boots cost only $28.99 across most online pet stores.

Features of Pawtrexx Dog Boots

While most boots do not provide stabilizing support, they help to protect your pooch’s feet and also provide traction for your canine friends especially on slippery surfaces, such as tile or hardwood floors.

They also help to keep your doggie’s paws warm, which can help your arthritic doggie avoid joint discomfort in their toes.

It’s important to note that dogs of all ages, especially the bigger breeds like Labs, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds, are prone to things like hip dysplasia and degenerative myelopathy, both of which can ultimately result in osteoarthritis.

Problems like these often cause discomfort as your pup walks, making it walk with an unusual gait.

An unusual gait often causes your pup’s feet to rub, scrape or drag on the ground, causing your dog even more problems.

Most veterinarians recommend orthopedic boots to protect your dog’s feet from getting injured toes and paws from dragging or from protecting already scraped, tender feet from further injury. And these boots listed are padded with extra support for tender painful paws, giving your dog’s paw the time to heal.

For the styles that wrap tightly around the leg, not just on the paw…note that these types work better if your pooch has a broken leg, so the boots add stability when your pup walks on its legs.

Help your pooch find more comfort in daily walks…get your best friend a set of doggie boots!

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