Frequently asked Questions about Dog Tear Stains

Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Dog Tear Stains, otherwise called Red Yeast Stains or Saliva stains. We hope you find the answers you are looking for. If you have a question that is not listed here, feel free to contact us.

Q: What are Tear Stains ?

Tear Stains can look quite messy and unsightly and eventually perennial tear stains can even cause a nasty smell. Tear stains are the red or black marks that appear on a dogs face due to poor tear flow or the perennial passing of eye discharges. It does not require a vet to tell that a dog has infections or an underlying health condition .

Glaucoma and other chronic diseases are medical reasons that can cause tearing. Besides that eye lashes can also invert or fold to irritate the eye which subsequently causes tearing. Hair growth around the eye blocks a dog’s puncta and adversely affect your dog’s tearing systems.

Q: What Causes Tear Stains?


Entropion Is the inward turning of eyelashes .This eventually blocks and infiltrates the puncta [The opening that is responsible for tear discharges]. You should check for such hairs and trim them before it is too late .
Too much hair growth around the eyes .For caring dog parents too much hair growth around the eyes should bother you .Some of them might reach the eyes and block the puncta.

Shallow Eye Sockets

The only problem with shallow eye sockets for hairy dog breeds is they can’t store just enough tears which causes a mess when they fall repeatedly on the dog’s fur . There are many breeds out there , the short faced such as the Rottweiler, Pitbull , Maltese, and pugs are a major target for tearing.

Ear Infection

In the case that an ear is infected, the eye on the same side tends to tear due to perineal pains .A vet can verify that the ear nose and throat are connected in a way.


This is the worst form of infection if not taken care of .Conjunctivitis causes inflammation of the eye lining making it to produce purse , mucus and tear discharges .You can imagine the mess.

Mechanical Reasons

Some mechanical problems can cause tearing .Eye damage caused by scarring can force tears out of the eyes.


Teething is a process that puppies undergo in their early stages of development For small puppies teething is normally painful. This causes gravy tears rolling into the puppies fur .Painkillers can be administered cleaning too.

Q: How do you Prevent Tear Stains/Red Yeast Stains on your dogs face?



Simple things such as Grooming your dog’s face every morning won’t cost you tooth and nail .By grooming I mean cleaning the dog , by flashing canine eye wash ,preferably the Terra Septic eye drops.

A good saline eye wash can also be an effective solution. This should be habitual to prevent development of dog tear stains. If you got a cotton lens then the DY therapy could also work; moisten a contact lens solution and wipe beneath and around the eye area. For this therapy I recommend Bio-true and Optixcare as ready made options. For hairy dogs like the Chihuahua, keep the hair around the eyes trimmed and combed. Such hairs rub against your dog’s eyes which can cause irritation and lead to excessive tearing

Sometimes the stains can extend to the muzzle, so a little shampoo wash on the muzzle is a requirement. Thereafter you can apply 3% organic hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel and blow dry.

Q: What type of Water Should you give your Dog ?

A: Some dogs are classical, only used to a specific water source; reverse osmosis processes and distilled water. This is important for those who travel with their dogs. For such canines giving them tap or lake water can cause your dog to develop a reflex response and subsequently start tearing.

Give your Dog some Nutrient Additives

Nutrient deficiency can cause allergies. It is basic knowledge that allergic reactions can cause tearing. Additionally, it is universally agreed by breeders that high quality grain free supplements keep the dog healthy and looking great.
You should consult your vet or do thorough research before administering antibiotics and other Medicinal additives .Over the counter Vetericyn ophthalmic is a great option. It is one of the best gels for any pet lover.

Q: Are Tear Stains Harmful to my Dog?

A:  The short answer is no, tear stain marks are not harmful to a dog. However it as you can imagine it does detract from your dog’s appearance. Normally they are sustained as a result of long time tear flow or infection. This is why pet enthusiasts burn their mid night oil to make sure the lovely friend is clean and beautiful.

Q:Does Chicken Cause Tear Stains in Dogs?

A: To some extent it can be yes, it can be a contributory factor to the development of tear stains in your dog .Chicken and other meat products can be a major cause of allergy which in turn makes the dog to discharge tears unconditionally.

Precautionarily, dogs with short faces like the bulldog and the pug should be fed with appropriate meals, since their vulnerability is very high. Their sockets are small and bound to suffer tearing. Verified vets say it is 100% possible for human grade food for vegans to be fed to allergic dogs.

Q: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work Well for Tear Stains?

A: Yes, its certainly recommended. Apple cider vinegar should be added to a dogs water. This will  lower the PH in the dogs systems hence reducing the yeast load that causes bacterial infections. This is a preventive measure and by doing this the dog’s Puncta remains intact, hence clear eyes. Yeast causes bacterial infections that bring with them eye discharges and tears.

Q: Can I use Yogurt to Get rid of Tear Stains?

A: It is not proven by experts but pet keepers are positive that using yogurt can help to reduce existing and future Tear stains in dogs. Researchers argue that the cultured nonfat grade A ingredient has prebiotic effect on their pets. After some days of feeding the tears stop rolling and tear marks appear. Methods mentioned above can be used to clear the stains.

Q:Can I Use Hydrogen Peroxide to remove Tear Stains?

A Hydrogen peroxide, milk of magnesia and cornstarch paste can be used to rub around Tear stain affected areas in dogs. This is ideal for stubborn stains. You should also find a way to cover the affected area to bar the dog from rubbing the paste with its paws .  Some enthusiasts use the cone of shame. The paste should be removed after four hours followed by thorough washing.

Q:Can Coconut Oil Remove Tear Stains?

A:Yes, coconut oil therapy helps your little friend in two ways .Coconut oil creates a wall that resists tear drops .Water resistance prevents soaking which causes a messy face .
The second reason why the oil is important is , it has medical values .It prevents yeast from building up to block the puncta. It also prevents other bacterial infections hence treating and preventing at the same time .
After this you use a white lint-free cotton towel to wipe gently .You should ensure you can see red or black matter .This can be done repeatedly to remove stubborn stains .

Q: How Can I Get Rid of Tear Stains Naturally?

A: The process starts with shaving most of the hair around the eyes to prevent any further tearing.
Herbalists prefer Alive I-Clenz and regular saline to remove the tear stains. Another therapeutic way is to mix a tablespoon of peroxide water and cornstarch paste .

Q: How do I get Rid of Tear Stains on my White Dog?

A: Unfortunately, tear stains are most obvious in white dogs because of the color of their coats. We recommend using hydrogen peroxide solution to bleach the white fur that is stained by tearing. One teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide , water and cornstarch could work best. After that your friend could enjoy a coconut oil therapy to maximize chances of eradicating the stains.

Q:How Can I Bleach my Dog’s Tear Stains?

A:Before using any commercial product it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian. This is to check for any underlying health conditions and internal infections. If you wish to proceed, soak the four paw cotton wipes in diluted hydrogen peroxide and apply it gently on the affected part. This should be done carefully to ensure no damages occur .Spillage on the eye can cause severe irritation and pain. The process should be followed up by thorough cleaning. We recommend using a good whitening shampoo for this part of the process. Also care should be taken to prevent hydrogen peroxide from getting in the eyes. This could cause a big problem.

Q: My Dog’s Tear Stains Won’t Go Away what are the best products that Work?

A: Even after recovery, some tear stains are quite stubborn. They might be resistant to all natural and organic methods. If this is the case with your pooch, it may be best to consult your vet. Tylosin Powder is our number one recommended choice for serious tear stains. We also recommend getting  tear Stains wipes as well to remove existing stains.

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