Arava Pet Eye Wipes Product Review

Are your dog’s eyes affected by the consistent formation of crusty matter? Does your dog’s eyes often itch even without an infection? Is your dog afflicted with naturally have teary eyes or suffer a condition that lead to the production of excessive tears? 

Eye Wipes

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you should know how important it is to keep your pet’s eye area clean and healthy to prevent eye infections and tear stains. This can be done with wet wipes but not all wet wipes are suitable for use in pets, so you have to find one specifically designed to properly take care of your beloved pooch. 

Arava pet eye wipes are specially made to care for your dog’s eye area and this product review is here to guide you if you’ve been trying to find not just any kind of eye wipes, but one specially made for pets.  



Table of contents: 


  • What are Arava pet eye wipes? 


  • What can I expect when I receive a container of Arava pet eye wipes? 


  • What is Arava pet eye wipes made of? 


  • Are these eye wipes biodegradable? 


  • How much do these wipes cost? 


  • How should I use these eye wipes for my dog? 


  • What are the side effects/downsides of using these eye wipes?  


  • Is this product recommended for dog owners? 


  • What other options can I try? 


  • Is this product suitable for humans? 



What are Arava Pet Eye Wipes? 


Arava pet eye wipes are wet wipes specially made for your dog’s eye area.  They are made of cotton material which is soft and gentle with a mild scent that doesn’t bother your pooch, so they are safe for daily use. They contain botanical ingredients, and are chemical-free – they don’t contain bleach. 


These wipes are said to; 


  • Promote healthy, tear-free eyes for your dog with crusty and/or weepy eyes. 


  •  Prevent new tear stains. 


  • Be made especially for cleaning around sensitive eyes and long furry cheeks since they are non-irritating and calming to your dog’s eyes. 


This product is USDA/FDA approved and Vet recommended…they do not burn or sting your dog’s eyes. 


What can I expect when I receive a container of Arava pet Eye Wipes? 


This product comes in a 16.51 x 8.38 x 8.13 cm cylindrical container (with a lid) weighing about 295 grams. Every container has 100 cotton wet wipes and each one is 3.5 x 5.0 inches wide and it also has a single-wipe pull system to avoid wastage. 


What is Arava pet Eye wipes Made of? 


The active ingredients in these cotton wipes are extracts from; Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Lion’s Tooth, Eyebright And Dead Sea Minerals. Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Lion’s tooth extracts are proven to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, to reduce redness and blemishes as well as helping to relieve irritations. 

Eyebright extract is also gotten from plants and this has been used to formulate various eye drops and eyewashes. It is said to have anti-inflammatory properties and it’s also very effective in managing tear stains on dogs. 


Additionally, dead Sea minerals are said to have therapeutic effects. These are hypoallergenic and non-toxic extracts that make Arava pet eye wipes effective, and very safe for your pooch. 


Are these eye wipes biodegradable? 


Yes, they are! So, while you’re choosing environmentally-friendly doggie wipes, Arava pet eye wipes are a great choice. 


How should I use these eye wipes on my dog? 


Simply pull out one wipe and close the lid to retain moisture, then gently clean around your dog’s eyes where you notice dirt, crust or tears/tear stain. Its important that you do not force this wipe into your dog’s eye canal. 



How long does a container of Arava pet eye wipe last? 


A container of these wipes contains 100 cotton wet wipes and you can use as many as you like per day, so how long it lasts solely depends on how often you use them. This product is 100% safe for your dog, so use as many as required to help keep your doggie’s eyes in good health. 


What are the Side effects/downsides of using these eye wipes?  


These wipes are 100% natural and toxic-free. So far, there are no reported side effects, instead several dog parents have been finding this very helpful for cleaning and preventing tear stains by groom to groom usage.  These wipes have also helped dogs with allergies. 

However, since you’ll be using this around your dog’s eyes, be very careful in case of reflex action to avoid hurting your dog. 


Are these Wipes recommended for Dog Owners? 


The answer is yes! This product is recommended for dog owners who want to keep their dogs’ eyes clean and healthy.

Remember, you have to use these wipes the right way, avoid allowing it to touch the inside of your dog’s eyes and you’ll enjoy the amazing benefits. 



What other options can I try? 


You can try making homemade wet wipes for your dog, but please ensure you’re doing it right, and avoid chemicals and contaminants that may end up harming or infecting your dog’s eyes. 


Here’s a simple way to make your dog’s eye wipes at home; 


  • Use soft cotton wool soaked in warm water.  
  • Dip the cotton wool in water and squeeze out the excess water, then use this to carefully wipe off the matter from your dog’s eyes.  
  • You can also use a wet soft cloth or makeup pads without any alcohol or chemicals. 
  • Avoid touching your pet’s eyes directly. 



Is this product suitable for humans? 


This product is 100% safe on the human skin.  Although it is meant for dogs, there would be no adverse reaction if it touches your skin. However, you’re advised to find yourself a good wet wipe suitable for your skin types and leave these for your pooch to enjoy. 

Watch your doggie “woofing” around as it enjoys clean and healthy eyes with Arava pet eye wipes. 





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