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GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes for Tear Stains Reviews

GNC is a global nutrition brand, synonymous with sports and health supplements for every need and preference. It only makes sense that this expertise is used not only for you and your family, but your furry friends as well. GNC Pets is the quintessential choice for any discerning pet owner.

What is GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes

GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes are specially formulated to give your dog a mild, soothing and cleansing wipe. It helps remove residue and debris such as food, saliva, dust and dirt as it accumulates through the day. We all know how our dogs can get, right? Often seems like every 5 minutes they find a way to get dirt or something else on themselves. It’s nice to have something reliable to clean our furry little friends with like GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes. It’s easy to carry along and always have on you whenever your dog needs a quick, cleansing wipe.

GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes and Tear Stains

GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is also great for removing and preventing tear stain discoloration. This occurs most commonly in fair coated breeds. Tear stain discoloration is actually the result of excessive tearing in dogs. Why does that happen? Well, certain breeds, for example Bichons, Maltese, boxers, bulldogs, and poodles, tend to have overactive tear ducts. How come? Well, you might not know this but most dogs come from a common ancestor: wolves. Yes, that’s right.

Your loveable poodle’s ancestors were vicious carnivores. So what happened? Put simply, they evolved and were domesticated. Anatomically speaking, the wolves’ snouts became shorter, their eyes protruded and a lot of other changes happened leading to changes in their tear ducts. These tear ducts became crooked and much narrower than before. This ultimately lead to congenital overactive tear ducts and thus, your staining problem.

There aren’t main reliable solutions for these stains, especially with so many ineffective products on the market. GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is one of very few products you can actually rely on to get the job done properly. It does this without leaving any residual staining behind. GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes removes all signs of staining around your dog’s eyes leaving them smooth, clean, and most importantly, happy.


Ingredients in GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes

GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes contains no typically harsh chemicals and is formulated with natural ingredients such as Aloe barbadensis leaf juice and calendula, whose properties are known for skin healing and maintenance. Aloe barbadensis leaf juice is especially effective when it comes to moisturizing and soothing effects. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which can be useful in case of tear stains. Why? Because quite often, excessive tearing can be due to an allergic or inflammatory reaction, rather than an anatomical defect. The Aloe barbadensis leaf juice in GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes helps quell the inflammation, essentially soothing away the source of the problem, instead of just wiping the stain. Talk about two birds with one stone, huh? GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes truly does it all.

 Organic Ingredients

One of the best things about GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is that it’s based on natural ingredients. Why? Well because chemicals are bad no matter how you look at it. For starters, chemicals always come with harmful side effects. Some you might notice right away, like itchiness, redness, swelling, discomfort, or even pain. Other side effects might be serious enough to give your dog an allergic reaction or even be lethal! That’s right, there are products on the market that can be that dangerous for your dog, and they’re mostly chemical-based. On the other hand, GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes doesn’t come with all those risks. You can rest assured that the natural ingredients of GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes keep your dog completely safe and away from these pesky side effects.

There are also a few other ingredients to wrap up the formulation such as : Water, glycerin, boric acid, alcohol, symphytum officinale (comfrey) extract, tocopheryl acetate, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, lavandula angustifolia extract, decyl glucoside, benzalkonium chloride, disodium EDTA and DMDM hydantoin.

Side Effects and Use of GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes

Like we’ve agreed so far, GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is quite safe and it doesn’t even come with side effects. However, there are still a few things that you should pay attention to or keep in mind prior to and during use. First of all, GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is meant for dogs and dogs only. Sure, it’s pretty effective and might work for other pets but since it was specifically formulated for dogs, you should stick to dogs and avoid using it for other pets.

Second of all, GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes should be used with care, avoiding contact with sensitive areas such as inside the eye, broken skin or any orifices. Why? Simply because these wipes are for external use only and should never be ingested. They’ve only been tested and proven effective when used externally so you never know if there might be side effects for internal use or use on sensitive membranes, such as the eyes. That’s why you should always try to avoid getting the wipes in your dog’s eyes while wiping away the tear stain. Don’t worry; it won’t be hard at all.


 Another thing you should keep in mind is that although GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is completely safe, you should make sure that your pet is not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients before use. It rarely happens but sometimes you’ll find that certain dogs are born with allergies triggered by ingredients that are normally non-allergenic. This may or may not be the case with your dog, but why take the risk? Shouldn’t we cover all bases when it comes to our furry friends’ safety? That’s why it’s better to check with your vet or seek professional advice when it comes to trying out not just GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes, but pretty much any new product for the first time.

Your vet will be able to tell if there are any potential allergies or any unforeseen contraindications that might be worrisome. After you’ve started using GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes, if you see any complications or signs of allergy like irritation or itchiness, consult your vet right away. That being said, all these things are actually extremely rare but it’s always better to know everything when it comes to our dogs’ safety.


GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is the perfect cleansing wipe for your dog, not just because of all the pros we just mentioned, but because it comes from a brand you know you can trust. A product’s brand is a very important factor that can essentially decide whether or not you buy the product, regardless of how inexpensive it is.

Many products on the market have so many side effects that it’s a waste of money buying them. On the other hand, GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes is practically guaranteed to be up to your level of expectation. This is because GNC is one of the top leading brands on the market. Just take a look at the customer reviews and overall ratings, not just for GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes, but for practically any GNC product. If you’re looking for something you know you and your dog will both love, you can’t go wrong with GNC Pets Eye & Face Care Wipes.

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