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Tylan 50 Injection

Tylan 50 Injection is a powerful intramuscularly administered antibiotic. 

Formulated by Elanco Animal Health to the highest standards of veterinary biochemistry, its use is designated for livestock, namely bovine and swine. Elanco Tylan 50 has been used in homes worldwide by domestic pet owners to combat a vast array of bacterial infections, making it a potent, versatile and robust treatment for a broad spectrum of acute and chronic conditions in pets and livestock alike. Buy Tylan 50 Injectable here.


Tylan 50 is an FDA approved medication used for the treatment of respiratory problems such as Bovine Respiratory Complex.

It is used for various diseases in cattle and chickens. There are various diseases which can be fatal for animals if not treated in time, the use of Tylan 50 injection is often recommended for the treatment of these diseases. The recommended dosage varies but it is mainly used for arthritis and pneumonia. The use of the medicine is to be done under the administration of a doctor. There are some points to consider while injecting, like the dosage, time spared between injection and slaughter.

Elanco Tylan 50 Injection for your Cattle

In cattle, this formidable compound works to treat upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Some of these infections includes pneumonia, bovine respiratory complex and shipping fever. This often caused by pasteurella and actinomyces.

Symptoms of Pneumonia in Cattle

 How do you know if your cattle are suffering from pneumonia? Well, there are quite a few symptoms and signs to look out for. These are the main ones:

  • Fever: it is one of the earliest signs of pneumonia in cattle.
  • Depression: You might see them hang their heads, look lethargic and often stand away from other cattle.
  • Inappetence
  • Serous nasal and eye discharge:Another one of the early indicators of pneumonia is discharge which can be watery, sticky and clear. Serous discharge usually starts from the nose and then moves to the eyes as the disease progresses.
  • Purulent nasal discharge: in advanced pneumonia
  • Bloody nasal discharge
  • Stiff gait:Sick animals may experience muscle and joint soreness. Their movement indicates overall ache.
  • Crusty muzzle: The cattle will tend to lick its hair and muzzle less and generally take poorer care of itself. Also, due to mild dehydration, membranes will dry up giving a dry, crusty appearance.
  • Salivation
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Rapid, shallow breathing
  • Soft coughing

Benefits of Elanco Tylan 50 Injection

If you see most of these signs, you should consider Elanco Tylan 50 injection right away. Elanco Tylan 50 injection also helps combat foot and hoof ailments such as necrotic pododermatitis, calf diphtheria in young cattle and metritis in cows. Some of these can cause painful sole ulcers where the animal’s skin and tissues are literally necrotic, or dead. Good thing Elanco Tylan 50 can effectively get rid of the infection.


Respiratory problems in chickens are often characterised by bubbly eyes, raspy voice, and breathing and mucus, and swollen eyes. Tylan 50 is to be given in dosages of ¼ ml for a bantam and ½ ml for a small chicken under 5 lb and 1 ml for a chicken 5 lb and more, for once or twice a day according to the need for 2-5 days.


For sheep, the injection should be used with dosages of 5-10 mg per KG. The injection should be intramuscular and not more than once on the same site.


Tylan injections can be used for beef as well as dairy cattle, but there are limitations for use. The dosage should be 8 mg per pound of their body weight. The injection should be given only once daily for a maximum for 5 days. The injection should not exceed 10 ml per site at once. The waiting period for cattle is the lengthiest because it takes more time than any other animal to flush the remnants of the medicine out of their system and being a big animal they are given higher dosage. The waiting period ensures that none of the contents of medicine will be consumed by a human.


Tylan 50 injection is to be given to poultry once or twice (if needed) a day for 3-5 days at maximum. The dosage is to be administered under the supervision of a veterinarian if possible, according to the size of the poultry. Normally the usage ratio is used is 5-10 mg for 1 KG. It is an intramuscular drug which means it can be given in muscles, in case of repeated usage you must change the injection site.

The wait for use of poultry for any use should be no earlier than 8 days. The use of the drug is prohibited for human consumption so the meat or eggs cannot be consumed by a human before the given day.

Elanco Tylan 50 Injection and Swine  

 In swine, Elanco Tylan 50 treats swine arthritis caused by pasteurella. So what is swine arthritis? Well, it’s a condition that has several degrees of severity from mild all the way to extremely severe and even lethal. Simply put, it’s an inflammation of joints. Quite often you’ll see symptoms of joint inflammation in sucking, growing pigs and sows. Some symptoms include, but aren’t limited to:

In sows:



In piglets:

-Sudden death.



-Pigs can exhibit pain or discomfort

-Reluctance to rise.

-Hairy appearance.

-Swollen hock and elbow joints.

-Stiffness or lameness

In weaners & growers:

-Lameness, swollen joints

-Reluctance to stand.

-It might be signs of specific disease

-Diamond lesions on elevated skin patches.

Bacterial Infections and Elanco Tylan 50 Injection    

There are several other causes for swine arthritis but bacterial infections, especially involving pasteurella, are quite common. Luckily, when we’re dealing with bacteria, the solution is simple. All you need is a good antibiotic like Elanco Tylan 50 and the arthritis will be gone before you know it.

Elanco Tylan 50 Injection and Infections

Elanco Tylan 50 is also effective in treating skin infections, such as erysipelas, as it occurs due to Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, swine dysentery and multiple other bacterial infections that may affect such livestock. These infections can often be quite tricky, even leading to death and that’s why they need certain types of antibiotics to be dealt with. Elanco Tylan 50 is one of few antibiotics that can effectively get rid of all the signs and symptoms of erysipelas.

Tylan 50 is Versatile

One great thing about Elanco Tylan 50 is its versatility. Sure, it works great with swine and cattle but it can also help your dog or cat. Why? Because tylosin, which is the active ingredient in Elanco Tylan 50, can’t tell the difference between livestock and pets. As longs as it sees harmful bacteria in its way, it gets rid of it. That’s why Elanco Tylan 50 is commonly used to treat pet ailments such as diarrhea, colitis and several respiratory and skin diseases in dogs and cats. And it’s quite effective at it, too! Of course, bear in mind that the dose and frequency of administration for dogs and cats isn’t exactly the same as that for livestock.

Always stick to the designated dose of Elanco Tylan 50 for each animal. Also, because of how potent and effective Elanco Tylan 50 is, as well as its method of administration, pet owners should always seek advice and consultation from veterinary professionals when considering use.

 Dosage, Packaging and Use of Elanco Tylan 50 Injection

Another important tip you should keep in mind is to always complete the entire recommended course of treatment of Elanco Tylan 50 even after remission of symptoms. Quite often you find people using just one or two doses and stopping as soon as the animal gets better but this can lead to bacterial resistance. That means the next time your animal gets sick, Elanco Tylan 50 might not work because the bacteria have become resistant to it. To avoid this, stick to the whole period of treatment and you’ll be safe.

Hypodermic Needle Transfer and Elanco Tylan 50 Injection

Elanco Tylan 50 comes in a 100ml vial equipped for easy access via hypodermic needle transfer. Having an intramuscular method of delivery is actually a very important advantage that Elanco Tylan 50 has over other types of antibiotics. Why? Well, first of all, most livestock have a huge amount of muscles which come with an impressive blood supply to go with. That means medicine administered intramuscularly is bound to be high absorbed thanks to this blood supply. Now let’s say for a moment Elanco Tylan 50 was an orally-administered antibiotic. You’d have to place it in the animal’s food which means some might not get eaten and some might not be fully absorbed in their digestive tract. See? Intramuscular Elanco Tylan 50 is the best form of administration if you want guaranteed results.

Of course, intramuscular means we’re still dealing with a needle, however small it is, so some level of discomfort is to be expected. However, it’s just momentary and after that, Elanco Tylan 50 will start working its magic. As safe and effective as Elanco Tylan 50 is, you should still always stick to the designated dose and try not to go above or below. Giving too high a dose can lead to toxic effects. Giving a dose smaller than recommended will result in subtherapeutic effects where the animal might not get better. So try to stick to the recommended dose of Elanco Tylan 50.

Tylosin and Elanco Tylan 50 Injection 

One of the great things about Elanco Tylan 50 is that its active ingredient, Tylosin, has no common side effects. This is quite impressive because most antibiotics have tons of side effects. Actually, not just antibiotics, but most synthetic medicines have some sort of side effect that can appear either immediately or on the long run. These side effects can range from mild itchiness, rash, discomfort, and nausea, all the way to severe shock and even death! But not Elanco Tylan 50. It’s one of very few antibiotics that have no common side effects. That being said, you should still stick to the recommended dose like we agreed.


 It’s always a smart idea to ask your vet or seek professional advice before trying out Elanco Tylan 50 for the first time. It’s kind of like a rule of thumb. Not just Elanco Tylan 50 but anything you try out on your animal for the first time should be approved by a professional. This is mainly because there are tons of unforeseen contraindications that you might not be aware of. Also, in some minor cases, allergic reactions to a new medicine can develop. A vet or professional can determine whether or not your animal is allergic to the new medicine before administering the full dose, just to be on the safe side. Other than that, Elanco Tylan 50 is pretty much as safe as it gets and it’ll definitely help your animal get back to perfect health.

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