Tylosin 50 Injectable Antibiotic

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Tylan 50 Injectable for Respiratory bacterial infections in Swine and Cattle.



What is Tylan / Tylosin 50 Injectable?


Tylan 50 injectable form is primarily used in Swine and Cattle for the treatment of respiratory diseases caused by bacterial infections. It can also be used in Chickens for the treatment of peritonitis.


Treatment and Uses of Tylan 50 Injectable




Tylan 50 Injectable is effective for treatment of the following diseases in Cattle:  Bovine Respiratory Complex also known and Shipping Fever or Pneumonia, Foot Rot, Calf Diptheria and Metritis.




Tylan 50 Injectable solution should be administered intramuscularly for no longer than 5 days. As a precaution you should not inject more than 10 ml per site. Additionally, you should not use in lactating dairy or on pigs within 21 days of slaughter. Tylan 50 Injectable can be used for the treatment of the following diseases in swine: Swine arthritis caused by Mycoplasma hyosynovaie, Swine pneumonia, Swine erysipelas and Swine dysentery.


How to Use Tylan 50 Injectable


Administer intramuscularly for not more than 3 days. Do not inject more than 5 mL per site. Do not administer within 14 days of slaughter.




Tylan 50 Injectable should be Stored at or below 25°C (77°F).




Shipping is free and takes approximately 3 weeks to the United States.



This product us not available for sale or shipment to California residents.


1 review for Tylosin 50 Injectable Antibiotic

  1. Barry

    I received my order about two and half weeks after it was shipped. It was very effective in the treatment of infection in my cattle.

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