Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement

Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is a #1 rated tear stain removal and prevention compound for pets with eye stain and mucus problems, which also acts as a general health and immunity supplement. The array of natural ingredients and exclusion of the harsh antibiotic Tylosin make Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement perfect for you and all your pets. You can buy Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement here.


Features of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement

Versatility is one of the best qualities of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement.  It’s specially formulated for use on both dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and coat colors. Whatever breed you might have, whatever breed comes to your mind, you name it; Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement works on it. It also works well in both shedding and non shedding fur types to treat even the most stubborn tear stains within 2-4 weeks of daily dosage. From the darkest to the fairest of coats, Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement will ensure your furry companion enjoys a healthy, clear eye line.

Ingredients Used In Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement

Tylosin, a common antibiotic used to treat a plethora of pet and livestock ailments was excluded from the formula. Although no known side effects have been recorded over the use of Tylosin, it is still an antibiotic and will always pose a risk of complication. Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is instead manufactured using all natural FDA approved ingredients such as eyebright, bilberry, ginkgo biloba, taurine, dandelion extract and German chamomile. These ingredients are supercharged with antioxidant properties and will give your pet an all round health and immunity boost, improving not just their tear stain problem, but their general quality of life as well.

Organic Ingredients

Being an all-natural product is something that sets Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement apart from others in the market. That’s because most companies prefer to add their own synthetic, lab-made ingredients, rather than going out and finding the right natural ingredients to get the job done. Sure, synthetics are easy to make and are much cheaper than natural ingredients, but they come at a price. They can cause all kinds of side effects and complications, ranging from mild irritation all the way to kidney failure! That’s why Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement doesn’t contain any of those harmful chemicals in its formulation. Why take the risk when our furry companion’s health is on the line, right?

  Eyebright Powder- An Effective Antibiotic

One of the most important ingredients in Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is eyebright powder. Sure, it’s great because it’s completely natural, but Tearplex obviously didn’t choose its components simply because they’re natural. You can’t throw together a bunch of powders and expect them to perform as effectively as Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement. So what’s special about eyebright? Well, for starters, it’s an antimicrobial, and a good one at that! It has the ability to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and virus. These organisms often cause infections that can result in excessive tearing. This of course, leads to tear stains. In order to fight these bacteria, you need a strong antibiotic or an ingredient that has strong antimicrobial properties.

That’s why eyebright powder was added to Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement. It can kill and inhibit the growth of the causative pathogens, essentially getting rid of your dog’s eye infection along with the tearing problem. Even if the tear stains weren’t originally due to an infection, sooner or later, bacteria will find their way to these tears and start growing because tears are the perfect medium for them. In other words, to treat past infections and avoid future ones, your best bet would be Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement.


Another reason eyebright powder was added is for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Why would you need something that stops inflammation like Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement? Well, because our dogs never stay put. They’re constantly out in the dirt, grass, or dust, getting themselves dirty and subjecting their eyes to all sorts of inflammatory substances. Once their eyes have become inflamed, they start to produce an excessive amount of tears as a natural defense mechanism. Of course, with prolonged inflammation comes prolonged tearing, which results in those pesky tear stains. That’s exactly when Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement comes in, quelling the inflammation and getting rid of all those tear stains. Let’s not forget that inflammation also hurts and irritates our furry little friends in addition to the unsightly appearance. Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement helps them feel better on the inside just as good as they look on the outside.

Bilberry Powder

Another great ingredient in Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is bilberry powder. This magical powder is said to have the ability to treat and protect against a variety of eye-related problems such as macular degeneration (deterioration of part of the retina or back of the eye) and cataract formation. It may also improve vision (including night vision), as well as increase the eyes’ blood circulation. In other words, Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement doesn’t just play a role in tear stain removal; it also helps make your dog’s eyes healthier and function properly. The rest of the ingredients in Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement help with similar functions, which include boosting your dog’s immune system, as well.

Flavorful- Your Pet will Love the Taste of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement

Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement undergoes the most stringent manufacturing and quality control processes to ensure maximum safety, potency and effectiveness. Its all-natural beef flavoring also makes this super palatable, and will almost always be expected at mealtimes for its amazing taste. That’s right, your dog will think of it as a tasty, beefy treat, not as medication at all. This means you won’t have a hard time chasing your dog around and forcing it to take its meds. Your dog will practically ask for Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement and then ask for seconds! That’s just how much dogs love its taste.

Dosage and Use of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement

Although Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is extremely safe, try not to overdo it when administering the dose. Use the correct amount, without going over or under. Too much won’t make the tear stains go away faster. It’ll just leave your dog liable to toxic manifestations from overdose. Too little won’t help either because it might not make the stains go away. So try to stick to the recommended amounts no matter how tempted you are to go above or how much your dog barks for more.

Reputable Brand

Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is one of the most trusted products on the market. That’s because Tearplex is a highly reputable brand that produces only the highest-quality products, using top-grade ingredients. It’s no wonder vets trust and recommend Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement so often. They rely on it to get rid of tear stains effectively and quickly, with improvements appearing in a matter of days. As for customer reviews, Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement has some of the best feedback you’ll ever find on a tear stain product. Hundreds of people are vouching for it and recommending it to loved ones. In other words, vets recommend it, customers like it, and dogs love it, so there’s no doubt Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement will become your favorite tear stain removal product, as well.

Recommendations for Use of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement and Precautions

There’s a golden rule you should know, not just in case of Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement, but pretty much any new product you try out for the first time. Always consult your vet or seek professional advice before administering any medication to your pet. This isn’t because Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement is particularly dangerous or anything. On the contrary, it’s as safe as it gets. The reason you should always check with your vet first is that some pets can be a bit unique. They might have special conditions like certain allergies or foreseen contraindications that you might not be aware of. Your vet will definitely be able to determine and pinpoint any potential hazards. Of course, those are extremely rare and pretty much all dogs can safely consume Tearplex Tear Stain Supplement, but it’s always better to get your vet’s approval. After all, what’s more important than our furry little friends’ health?

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