Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover Review

Crust build-up, tear stains, and irritation are some of the most common problems your pet can ever endure. They often lead to an unsightly stained and discolored fur. Thankfully, there are effective solutions on the market and in this article, we will be focusing on the Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover.  If you would like to purchase the Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain remover you can do so here.


Removing Tear Stains from your Dog

There are many Tear stain removers available in the market but the Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover, according many of the users of the product rivals the best Tear Stain removers on the market. It can be used for both dogs and cats.  

How are Tear Stains formed and How does Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover Help?  

Well tear stains on your pet’s fur can be a result of a build-up of saliva and mucus. However, with consistent use of this product it can be easily removed due to the smooth texture and gentle formulation of the solution. Moreover, it is free from any kind of harsh or harmful chemicals which can cause an allergic reaction on your pet’s sensitive parts like eyes, nose, and mouth.  

The Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover is considered one of the best Tear Stain removers as it not only works to prevents stains but it also lightens existing tear stains gradually. Daily and consistent use of this product is recommended for best results. In the latter sections of this article, we will also discuss its composition, directions, risks, precautions, and other crucial information.  

Composition- what is the Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover made of? 

The Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover uses organic ingredients to manufacture this stain remover. The company uses plant-based ingredients which are derived from coconut and palm to make the stain remover completely chemical-free. A lot of other Tear stain removers contain harsh chemicals that can prove out to be fatal for your pet but the Natural Rapport Stain Remover does not contain any bleach, formaldehyde or any other harmful chemicals.

According to the reviews of many customers, this stain remover did not cause any kind of allergy or infection to their pets. Even if your dog or cat is extra sensitive to any external product, you don’t have to worry as this is a completely safe and secure product that can be used on sensitive areas of your sensitive pets. This easy to use tear stain remover is free from the presence of alcohol, phosphates, sulphates, or parabens. In the end, it gives gentle, soft and efficient results. 

Apart from its composition, the Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover solution is unlike other eye cleaning solutions as this has a nice scented fragrance that will not make your pet or the surrounding areas to have an unpleasant smell. It will always leave a soothing and refreshing tinge of a pleasant aroma wherever your pet goes.  

Directions- How to Use the Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover 

It is very important to note that this tear stain remover will only when its used as prescribed and, in the areas, as prescribed, in this case right under the eyes of your pets.  

  • In case the fur of your pet is already stained then trim the fur and start with a new clean slate. Don’t worry, it will grow back! 


  • Shake the Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover solution well before applying it to your pet
  • Use a clean towel or a soft cotton swab to be dipped in the solution


  • Now, gently apply the towel or cotton swab under the eyes and around the eye area to clean it. Avoid touching the solution directly to the eyes of your pet


  • For best results, use the tear stain remover solution daily to get a healthy and hygienic lifestyle to your pet. Daily application of the solution will also prevent future build-up of stains on the eyes of your pet


This is the best way possible to apply it to the eyes of your pet. 

Risks and Precautions when Using the Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover 

No matter how good and efficient the product is, it comes with some potential risks and side-effects. Necessary precautions are required to be followed. Let us start highlighting them in a rightful manner. 

1. Always use a minimal amount of the tear stain removal solution to the eyes of your pets. Excess amounts of solution can cause damage to your pet. Allergic reactions and infections can appear on the body of your pets. 

2. Avoid the direct contact of your pet’s eyes with the tear stain solution.  

3. In the case of direct contact, wash the eyes immediately with warm water. 

4. If the solution is inadvertently swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. 

5. Keep the solution out of the reach from children. 

6. Always seal the solution after use. 

These are some of the risks, side-effects, and precautions which need to be followed if you are using Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover solution on your pet, however with correct and consistent use, this product is both safe and effective in ridding your dogs of Tear Stains. 


This amazing product is manufactured in the United States of America. It’s made with all the necessary safety and health guidelines in mind. According to the company claims, the ingredients in the formula used are biodegradable and the bottle can be recycled. Moreover,  

Can it Be Used on My Dog? 

The Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover solution can be used on a variety of dog breeds. Bichons, Chihuahuas, Lhasa Apso, Maltese Pekingese, Poodles, Schnauzers, Shih Tzus, Pug, Yorkies, Terriers, Persians, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, and more have all benefited from the sue of this product. The Natural Rapport Tear Stain Remover does justice to any kind of dog breed and it has more to offer than just a tear stain remover. 

Other ways to keep your pet clean

The Natural Rapport Eye Tear Stain Remover is a marked-based eye cleaning formula that has turned out to be very effective in protecting your pet. Apart from this, you can also follow some simple healthcare tips to keep your pet’s eyes clean and beautiful. 

1. Give your pet a good rich diet which will help in preventing the tear stains as well as hair fall. 

2. Make your pet drink water that has fewer minerals. 

3. Formulate a good and healthy routine for your pet which will help in keeping his sensitive areas like eyes, nose, and mouth clean and hygienic.  

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