Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula

If you’re looking for a safe, natural, holistic approach to treating and maintaining your pet’s health, look no further than Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula, an antibiotic-free anti-eye stain compound with no harmful additives. This highly palatable formula makes for a yummy alternative for your pampered pooch to maintain a healthy, beautiful look. Please note that Angel Plus Beef formula no longer contains Tylosin which was the main ingredient used to get rid of Tear Stains.

If you would like to buy Tylosin for Tear Stain treatment, please click here.

For the discerning pet owner who wants a natural approach to boosting and maintaining their pet’s health, look no further than Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula. It’s free from harsh antibiotics and chemical additives for that glowing eye line. Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is very palatable and makes for a yummy alternative for your furry or feathery friend. It will help your pet or livestock to maintain a healthy, and vibrant look. 

Overactive Tear ducts and Tear Stains

Over-active Tear Ducts

Domesticated dogs often struggle with a selected anatomy inherited through generations of breeding down from a common ancestor. As such, some breeds find themselves with congenital overactive tear ducts. This coupled with light colored coats and the fact that dog tears typically contain porphyrin, an iron rich compound secreted from the breakdown of red blood cells, leads to a brownish red streak strain leading from the eyes. Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula assists in the prevention of these stains with zero side effects.

Why Do Tear Stains Occur

Why do Tear Stains Occur

So why exactly do tear stains happen? Well, as you might already know, dogs originally descend from one common ancestor: wolves. Yes, that’s right. Bichons, Maltese, boxers, bulldogs, all of them descend from wolves.

Even those adorable poodles. So what’s the big deal? Well, when these wolves became domesticated and eventually because our loveable furry friends, selective breeding led to changes in their anatomy. Their noses became shorter and their eyes started to protrude a bit more outwards.

This resulted in their tear ducts becoming way too narrow and crooked. Of course, with narrow, crooked ducts, you get excessive tears which simply can’t go away because they’re an anatomical defect that we bred into them in the first place. We can however, treat these excessive tears. Choosing the right treatment however, is tricky. Luckily, there’s Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula.

Ingredients Found in Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula

Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula contains natural ingredients such as cranberry powder, marshmallow root powder, olive leaf powder, and eyebright powder. All of these products weren’t just chosen haphazardly and thrown together. They were perfectly selected for their unique components and therapeutics benefits making Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula perfect for your dog.

For example, cranberry powder contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and polyphenols which are known for their unparalleled benefits to your dog’s cardiovascular system. In other words, they’re great for its heart and blood vessels. What cranberry powder does is that it helps your dog’s blood vessels relax and dilate, which essentially lowers blood pressure.

This helps improve its overall cardiovascular health and protects it from heart diseases. Cranberry powder also contains phytochemicals that work wonders for your dog’s brain. It helps slow down all those age-related declines in memory, balance, coordination and other cognitive functions. Sure, we all pay attention to how healthy our dogs are physically, but we almost never pay attention to the small, brain-related details. But Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula does. That’s why it added cranberry powder.

Benefits of Eyebright Powder in Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula

Another important component of Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is eyebright powder. I’m sure you can already tell from its name that it’s good for the eyes. And you’re right. Eyebright powder is one of the best, natural, herbal powders out there when it comes to ocular benefits. It comes from an herb called Euphrasia officinalis which has mild antimicrobial (antiseptic), anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

Fights Eye Infections in Dogs

What does that mean? Well, it helps fight any eye infections that are caused by harmful bacteria or other organisms. This is especially important because excessive tears are often a suitable medium for pathogens to grow and cause infections. There’s another reason Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula added eyebright powder to their delicious mix. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Yes, it quells any inflammation that occurs in your dog’s eyes.

Protects Your Dogs Eyes From Damage

It also has the ability to accumulate certain proteins that protect your dog’s eyes from damage. It’s all thanks to eyebright powder components which are tannins, aucubin, and quercetin. Tannins are the source of these incredible anti-inflammatory properties while aubercin mainly protects the eyes from microbial and viral infections.

Pretty effective, huh? As for quercetin, it inhibits histamine release which is the main reason our eyes get all puffy, red and teary during allergic reactions. In other words, if your dog’s excessive tears are due to an infection, inflammation, irritation or even allergies, Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula has you covered with its unique components.

Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula took all these beneficial components and combined them with 100% freeze dried beef to create a convenient and effective supplement to help your dog look on the bright side of life. After all, doesn’t man’s best friend deserve the best, healthiest life possible?

Doesn’t Contain Potential Allergens

I know it’s always important to look for certain beneficial components in a product before buying it but it’s just as important to look for what isn’t inside the product, as well. For example, you can rest assured knowing that Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula contains absolutely no soya, corn or wheat.

Why should that reassure you? Because all of these are potential allergens. You’ve probably heard of people who are allergic to soya or people who can’t eat anything that contains wheat because their body can’t tolerate it, right? The same happens to dogs. Some dogs are allergic to soya, corn, wheat, and other ingredients. That’s why Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula excluded these because it’s better to be safe than sorry. And let’s not forget that allergic reactions actually worsen excessive tears so it’s even more important to avoid potential allergens. Good call, Angels’ Eyes!

Can Be Used By All Dogs

The great thing about Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is that there’s absolutely no fuss, no exclusions and no exceptions. It’s suitable for practically all dogs. Whether they’re shedding or non shedding breeds, Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is completely safe. And to emphasize how safe it is, it’s even recommended for pregnant dogs.

That says a lot because usually during the pregnancy period, vets go crazy over what is allowed and what is forbidden for dogs. The allowed list is usually pretty short while the contraindications are endless. Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is one of the few things that you can rely on and be sure that both the mother and the little puppies that are on their way will be completely healthy and safe from harm.

Dogs Love the Taste of Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula

Remember when I said Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula comes with absolutely no fuss? That applies during feeding, as well! Medicine time can be a nightmare, but with Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula, you can rest assured your furry friend won’t have any qualms about keeping it down.

Dogs absolutely love it and they have no idea it’s actually medicine. They think it’s a treat. That’s because the delicious beef flavor is made to be highly palatable, with many reviews claiming how appealing the formula is to dogs. It’s a great way to treat your dog to a delicious meal and at the same time help them with their tears problem. Just be careful to follow correct dosage instructions, as tempting as it may be to go over, because believe me, your dog will definitely ask for seconds.

Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula has no Side Effects

Another great thing about Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula that people often take for granted is the lack of side effects. There are tons products out there that claim they can get rid of your dog’s excessive tearing problem but very few actually do. And the ones who do, often have lots of side effects.

That’s because they rely on chemical-based components and we all know that chemicals always have side effects, from mild to severe. Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula on the other hand, contents natural components added to a delicious beef blend. What possible side effect could there be?

Of course, as safe and friendly as Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is, always consult your local veterinarian before administering any medication or supplements. It’s just a rule of thumb, you know? Vets know a lot and they’re the dog experts for a reason. But when it comes to a dog’s palate, I’d say Angels’ Eyes is the expert. Just ask your dog.

Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula is available in 75g containers. You can purchase Angels’ Eyes Plus Beef Formula by clicking here.

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