The Importance of Dog Supplements for Your Dogs Health and Top Ten Recommendations

It is absolutely crucial that your pet be given some type of supplements for the replenishment it’s body. By giving your dog supplements you assist it’s immune system to fight off disease both common and foreign. Supplements can helps to improve your pet’s overall health both inside and outside. A good multivatamin or supplement can improve your dog skin and coat making it silky and shine, reduce the amount of shedding, support arthritic joints and any other health issues your dog may encounter. Giving your pet a good dietary supplement can help to ensure the longevity of your furry friend.

Different types of Supplements Benefits and Uses

There are many different types of supplement on the market for treatment of whatever health related issues your pet may procure. Supplement are available for aliments such has skin and coat, health GI tract health, joint support, liver and kidney support. Supplement are also accessible for more complicated concerns like cardiovascular health, optimal immune and circulation health. No one enjoy seeing their pets in discomfort so be sure that you give your pet a recommended dietary supplements so your pet can be healthy and happy.

Joint Health

Joint health is very serious when it comes to our dogs, dogs are very active creatures so it can be depressing for your pet when he cant get to chase the neighbour’s cat or play a game of fetch with you at your the park. To avoid or treat this aliment in your pet you can simply provide him with a joint supplement. A joint supplement that commonly contain glycosaminoglycan is best recommended. Glycosaminoglycan help to relieve arthritis by promoting the health of cartilages which is the strong, elastic tissue lining bone surfaces  in joints.

Glycosaminoglyan is naturally produce by cartilage cells found in the body. When glycosaminoglycan is combine with water it create a cushioning to help protect your pet’s skeleton structure during exercise and movement. Cetyl myristoleate is another essential ingredient to look for when sourcing joint supplements for your pet. Cetyl myristoleate acts has a potent lubricant for the joints of your pet.

For Dry Coat

Dull and dry coat is just  not a pleasing sight when looking at your furry friend and can also be very irritable to your pet. Has a dog owner the comfort of your pet is very important this can be achieve by giving your pet a dietary supplement for healthy skin and coat. When purchasing a supplement for skin and coat the essential ingredient you should ensure is present, is a form of fatty acid whether it is omega-3s 6s or omega-9s. It is essential that has dog owners we provide our dogs with a form of fatty acids because dogs are unable to make their own fatty acid has they are unable to put a double bond between carbon three and four. The best type of fatty acid is made from marine oils.

Benefits of Supplements for your Dogs Gastrointestinal Tract

The gastrointestinal tract in our pet is very unique and completely different from the one in humans. The digestive tract is the largest immune organ in your dog this mean your dog has more intestinal bacteria than you do even though him/her size is much smaller. Two beneficial supplements to promote a healthy digestion in your pet are probiotics and digestive enzymes.

The gastrointestinal tract is design to handle astounding bacterial load, this bacteria can develop in a life threatening infection if found anywhere else in the body of your pet. A good amount of friendly bacteria keep your pet immune system working effectively. If the balance between good and bad bacteria in your pet becomes disrupted your pet can develop gastrointestinal tract symptoms an increase the chances of an infection.


Probiotics are friendly strains bacteria that sustain a healthy level of good bacteria in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract and fight against opportunistic. pathogenic bacteria. When sourcing supplements for your furry friend you will want to avoid probiotics formulas used by humans to fortify the bacterial species found in the human gastrointestinal tract because pets have specific strains of bacteria unique to them so they need a unique form of probiotic.

Pets that grow on a poor balance of good and bad bacteria are at a great risk of getting a disease so ensure that your pet is on a recommended dietary supplement.There is a form of supplements out there on the market to help with the wellbeing of your pet so they can be active and healthy and never in a sorry state. Do right by your pet and give him/her dietary supplement.


Now that we know the benefits of dog supplements to your dogs health, lets now explore some of the best Dog supplements that you will find on the market, their features and benefits.

  1. PROGENY Dog Breeding Supplement

The first supplement on our list is Progeny’s Dog Breeding supplement. It’s pretty highly rated on the market by users because of its effectiveness.


  • Rich in Amino Acids
  • Helps to prevent Allergies
  • Reduces the effects of Arthritis
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Pre-breeding and lactation support
  • Contains No Fillers
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Helps in the production of milk for Pregnant dogs
  • It increases muscle production through amino acids
  • Rich Vitamins promote tissue growth


  • It’s a Little pricey



If your dog is suffering from chronic skin problems or allergies then this is the supplement for you. Progeny is one of the best dog supplements on the market. It’s so easy to use. You just have to sprinkle it on your dog’s food and he will gobble it up. Some users have complained about its price however for its high quality I think it’s worth it.

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