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All caring dog owners have a sense of responsibility towards the health of their dogs, and buying the best food for your dog is just not enough. There is more to keeping your dog in good health than proper feeding. There are many things to put into consideration, and a good owner should be very observant of their dogs. Firm up Pumpkin Super Supplement for Dogs is a great supplement to help your dog obtain vital nutrients for great overall health. This article we will be discussing the benefits of this supplement. If you would like to buy Firm up Pumpkin super supplement please click here.

Digestive and immune system disorder is one of the many things that can affect the health of your Dog negatively, but the good news is that there is a solution to this.

Firm up Pumpkin Super Supplement contains Carbohydrate, protein, and fats that are essential macro-nutrients in the diet of your Dog, and they are responsible for their excellent health. These are macro-nutrients that need to be broken down in order to be useful to your Dog. Digestion begins from the mouth where chewing occurs, and this triggers the release of certain digestive enzymes into the mouth, stomach, and intestines. In addition, there are three different types of digestive enzymes, each released for a specific purpose;

· Protease is secreted to digest protein,

· while amylase is for carbohydrates,

· and lipase for fats.

Dogs have the natural ability to secrete their digestive enzymes, and they have more when they are matured enough to be weaned off milk from their mothers. Furthermore, the food they eat especially fruits can be very helpful for the production of digestive enzymes. However, there are situations where your Dog is having troubles with digestion. As a responsible dog keeper, it is crucial that you help your Dog overcome this problem as soon as you realize this discomfort. Firm up pumpkin supplement is a very helpful solution for your Dog. However, how do you know if your Dog is having some digestion issues?

Gastrointestinal and Digestive Disorders in Dogs

Gastrointestinal (GI) disorders and diseases enter into a dog’s body system and affect the stomach and intestines, which leads to problem the dogs.

It is essential that your dog has a healthy digestive system; which is needed to absorb and utilize the nutrients in its food completely.

It is also needed to repair and replace old tissues and generate energy. GI disorders can result in an electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, dehydration, and malnutrition. So it important that you are familiar with the signs and symptoms of GI and digestive disorders and consult with your vet doctor.

Types and Causes of GI and Digestive Disorders

Ideally, dogs should not have digestive problems, but due to some unpredictable circumstances, some dogs suffer digestion problem. There are different types of gastrointestinal disorders in dogs, so you will need your veterinarian to examine your Dog to determine the exact cause and problem of your Dog. The reason can range from a sudden change in diet, toxins, trauma, allergies, infections (caused by bacteria, fungi, virus, and other parasites), or inflammatory bowel disease.

Certain breeds such as collies, German shepherds, Great Danes, and golden retrievers are more susceptible to certain digestive problems.

The commonly diagnosed conditions of GI and digestive disorders include:

a. Acute gastroenteritis – this is the infection or inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, majorly the intestines and the stomach. Usually, acute gastroenteritis is short-term which is caused as a result of a dog eating a toxic plant, or spoilt food, food that is high in fat, allergy to certain foods, swallowing foreign objects or taking substances that are not related to dog food.

To manage gastroenteritis in your Dog, you must first invite a veterinarian – who can determine for sure if your Dog’s problem is gastroenteritis. In case your dog is diagnosed with gastroenteritis, it is crucial that you start treatment immediately. Furthermore, you have to note that managing your Dog’s digestion problem depends on the severity. Fluid therapy is also vital if your Dog is diagnosed with dehydration.

b. Colitis – colitis is a serious inflammation of the membrane colon lining. It is mostly caused by polyps or tumors, allergy to certain dog products sudden change in food, parasite (whipworms), swallowing foreign objects, and other diseases. Colitis is common to dogs under 5 years old. It causes inflammation of the large intestine, which results in difficulty in passing feces accompanied by pain. Mucus and blood may be present in diarrhea, loss of weight in cases of chronic colitis.

c. Diarrhea- it is caused by infection, stress, a change in dog food, internal parasite, feeding on spoilt food from the garbage, and dysfunction of organs.

d. Constipation – this one is caused by several factors which include lack of exercise (laziness), consumption of indigestible items such as bone, dehydration, and eating low-fiber quality foods, and having an enlarged prostate. The best way to reduce constipation in your pet is to increase fiber intake, provide enough water for your pet, and also make sure that they get enough exercise.

e. Malabsorption of small intestine – this is caused by the inflammation of the small intestines, and it results in improper absorption of nutrients, and consequently lead to persistent diarrhea, loss of weight, and loss of appetite.

f. Pancreatitis – This is an infection or inflammation of the pancreas. it is caused as a result of consuming foods that are high in fat, trauma, infection, or disease.

g. Stress – certain situations trigger stress in your pet, and these includes; adoption, separation from the owner, boarding, change in environment, or introduction to a new family member or pet. The best way to ease stress in your dogs is by introducing them to change gradually.

h. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency – this is a condition characterized by loss of weight, a large deposit of soft feces, and increased appetite.

Symptoms of Digestive System Disorder in Dogs

There are various symptoms of digestive system disorder in dogs, and you will notice these symptoms if you pay close attention to your Dog.

· Loss of appetite

· Vomiting

· Diarrhea

· Mucus or blood in the stool

· Constipation

· Flatulence and excess gas

· Difficulty in passing stool

There is a high chance that your dog is suffering from digestion disorder if you notice any of these ugly signs. It is important that you know that it is normal for your Dog to lose appetite. It may be that it wants a change in taste, and it may be due to some other sickness. So it is best that you invite a vet doctor over to examine your Dog.

How to Treat Digestive System Disorder in Dogs

The best approach to treating GI and digestive disease in dogs is by improving your Dog’s nutrition intake. Furthermore, a number of nutritious diets has been recommended to improve the unpleasant condition. Besides, vets recommend that you feed your dogs with highly digestible food to help improve the condition and prevent the irritation of both the stomach and intestine. In addition, foods that are rich in high soluble and insoluble fiber content complemented with a reasonable proportion of fat will help your Dog’s intestine to work properly and efficiently. Also, your Dog’s hydration level is very important, so make sure to monitor it during the recovery period.

Ingredients in Firm Up

1. Pumpkin

2. Apple

3. fiber

Why You should use Firm up for your Dog

Diggin’ your Dog firm up pumpkin super supplement for dogs is the most recommended supplement for your Dog for several reasons. Pumpkin, one of the active ingredients of Firm up, is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. Pumpkin is a fruit that is rich in immune-boosting nutrients such as vitamins E and C, alpha and beta carotenes, fiber, potassium, and magnesium. Pumpkin is also low in fat. Firm up can play an important role in keeping and supporting your Dog’s digestive system and help it to function properly.

Firm Up Pumpkin Super Supplement for Dogs is a great supplement to use when you are changing your Dog’s diet or food. The fiber aids digestion, and it makes the switch in diet easier on your Dog’s digestive tract.

Firm up Pumpkin Super Supplement for Dogs also contains apple fiber, which plays a vital role in aiding digestion. Apple is a wonderful source of vitamin C and potassium. Also, apple fiber is an important soluble fiber that helps to maintain and support lower bowel function.

One big advantage of using firm up is that it is very convenient to use. Unlike using canned products, with Firm up, you can use what you want and keep the rest somewhere until you need to use it again. So you do not need to use everything once.

Guaranteed Analysis

· Crude protein – 4 % Min

· Fiber – 40% Max

· Crude Fat – 5% Min

· Moisture – 8% Max

Feeding Instruction

Mix one portion of Firm up with another portion of water. You should use it with food to support your Dog’s digestive tract.

· For a bodyweight that is up to 50 lbs use 1-2 teaspoons

· For a bodyweight that 50 lbs use between 2 – 5 teaspoons.

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