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Are you a dog or cat breeder, do you just love puppies and kittens? Well, this is the one product you need for every whelping and nursing dog and cat. Revival Animal Health Breeders’ Edge Oxy Mate- Prenatal Supplement is an all in one powerhouse product that will have you wondering why you never bought it before. It comes in two types. A hard outer case meat treat as well as a soft chew treat, designed to fit your animals’ needs.

Many of our loving animals experience complications when nursing and whelping. The most common is little or no lactation. With the amazing blend of ingredients in OXY Momma you can be guaranteed that the problem will be fixed.


Revival Animal Health was started by Dr. Roy Nielsen, Jr., aka “Doc Roy.” He started this project in the basement of his home after he retired from his veterinary practice in 1989. He took up this second career to ensure that breeders, pet owners etc. Are catered for, in everything they need for their animals optimal health. The first exclusive breeders line ‘Breeders’ Edge’ was launched in 2008. To help the breeder, the dogs and cats, puppies and

How to use Revival Animal Health Breeders’ Edge OXY Momma?

Meat Treat

● Give daily to the female dogs and cats
● Start giving approximately 3 days before birthing and continue until weaning
● Dogs and cats less than 20lbs half a meat treat per day
● Dogs between 20-60lbs one whole meat treat per day
● Dogs 60lbs and over two meat treats per day
● Always refrigerate after opening for up to 6 months
● Unused treats can be frozen for a longer shelf life

Soft Chew

● Give daily to the female dogs and cats
● Start giving approximately 3 days before birthing and continue until weaning

Small Dogs and Cats:

● Dogs and cats less than 20lbs one whole soft chew per day
● Dogs over 20lbs two whole soft chews per day

Medium and Large Dogs:

● Between 20-60lbs one soft chew per day
● Over 60lbs two soft chews per day
● Don’t need to be refrigerated after opening

As a result of the great blend of ingredients, this product is highly effective and can induce labour in some cases. Which is why it is only intended for female pregnant dogs and cats? Do not give more than daily recommendation. Consult veterinarians before use if animal has any history of medical conditions.

What’s inside Revival Animal Health Breeders’ Edge OXY Momma?

OXY Momma is a supplementation to help lactating moms. It is power packed with vitamins, minerals and specific herbs. These specific herbs are to meet the special needs of the lactating mom.

Breeders’ Edge OXY Mommas Meat Treat First 10 Ingredients

● The meat treat first three ingredients are pork, beef and liver, making sure to give them the meat taste and flavour they love. A great source for protein in the form of a treat.

● Next is the natural casing which secures those natural flavours and keeps the flavours inside.

● Vitamin E is great for the heart, liver and nerves. In addition to that it’s good for their skin and coat.
● Cottonseed meal also has a lot of protein and it allows nitrogen to release slowly and at a healthy amount
● Fenugreek seed powder great for lactation and to induce lactation.
● Fennel seed powder provides the same benefits as fenugreek seed powder
● Motherwort herb powder has great heart benefits and helps with anxiety.
● Chaste tree fruit this helps to normalize the hormone progesterone, which is present during pregnancy and plays a major role.

Breeders’ Edge OXY Mommas Soft Chew

Almost identical ingredients to the meat treat. The soft chew doesn’t contain neither the pork, beef and liver nor the natural casing. However it’s still power packed with herbal ingredients to stimulate milk production. They both contain a variety of vitamins like vitamin B-12, vitamin D3 and many more along with great minerals. Making it a very healthy treat for the moms.

What benefits to expect?

In as little as 24 hours you can expect non lactating moms to start lactating. As well as mothers who show little to no maternal instincts, instincts to be kicking in, in overdrive. As these ingredients align the reproductive hormones in the moms. You can also expect a healthy litter no matter the size whether its 1 or 12. Enough milk will be produced for everyone.

The female recovers from birthing very well. As these ingredients helps birthing and align the reproductive organs. This blend of vitamins and minerals can also aid in mastitis recovery. The Breeders Edge OXY Momma Soft chew does not need to be refrigerated. It can be stored outside and it will remain fresh once it has not expired.

How to get this product?

Make sure it’s a verified purchase from a verified store. To ensure you get the right product with these amazing benefits.

All in all this proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals are just what your pregnant animal’s needs. Many have attested to this brand and swear by it. These are the best product for all breeders and they will always have you returning to purchase more.

Testimonials this product currently has a 4.6 star overall rating. The following are some of the testimonials made by customers.


● Linda W. Review made on 6/16/2019 – OXY Mommas – After hearing about this product and using a few, this is the first time I have actually used oxy momma starting 3 days prior to whelping and its three weeks into nursing now. My sheltie momma gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies and all puppies are still surviving and looking great. Not to mention mom loves the taste of them and awaits her “treat” daily.

● Emily L. Review made on 9/19/2018 – Seems to be doing the trick – After a rough birthing experience with her current litter, this supplement seems to be helping my girl recover quickly and also appears to help keep her milk production up. With 10 puppies to nurse and care for, she needs all the help she can get!

● Ona B. Review made on 1/17/2019 – I have been using this – I have been using this for my Yorkie Mommas for about 2-3 yrs. and it has made a huge difference in their milk production and in return fat healthy babies. Mommas love it too because they think they are getting a treat!

● Lorna B. Review made on 11/20/2018 – Awesome – I would not have a litter without this product. We start the Mom to be on Bitch Pills when she begins heat. This is continued through birthing day. We add Oxy Momma a few days before whelping. We continued through weaning. My girls always have so much milk and no mastitis. Very little bleeding and discharge where before this would go on for 4 weeks.
Wonderful product!

● Grace review made on 3/16/2016 – AWESOME PRODUCT – I can’t say e noughabout it. When I was told about it I didn’t know what to think. My female toy poodle never had & problems with milk I was away & she didn’t get feed all day with pups nursing almost lost my mother. When I did breed her again she only had milk for 3 days. Lost the whole litter. She normally has pups from 8-9 weeks. So the first time I used it I did a whole one for the first 3 days then I did the half of one. I noticed the pups wasn’t getting full so I went back to a whole treat they have been great.

I give it once a day in the morning & she has plenty of milk. She will stop making milk at 4 weeks thou but before having to use these she always stopped nursing at 4 weeks so they are a GOD sent for me where she is an AWESOME mom. I can’t thank the lady at Revival for giving me more information on this product.

● Debra C. Review made on 1/15/2019 – Great post-natal vitamin supplement for mama – I used this for my two mamas after their pups were born C-section. They both recovered quickly, had lots of milk, and had no health problems. I just started my Pekingese who had 7 pups and her milk came in right away and seems to be plenty for all of the pups. I plan to keep using this for nursing mama dogs.

● Neal S. Review made on 7/13/2019 – Good stuff – I’ve used these several times and my dogs seem to have a better time feeding their pups and recovering from the stress of raising pups. My old dog just had pups and she’s doing and looking great.

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