Bio Groom Stain Free Cream for Dogs- Product Review

Tear stains are usually caused by excessive tearing of your dog’s eyes. The medical term for this condition is epiphora and it has now become a common problem in dogs. They are visible as reddish-brown marks around the dog’s eyes.


How to tell if your Pooch has Tear Stains?


These stains tend to be more visible on white and lightly colored dogs, although they can be present on any dog. Tear stains are easily noticeable on white dogs because the white hairs make the stains to be more pronounced.


It is more common in small breeds with long hairs on the face, like Toy Poodles, Maltese, West Highland White Terriers, Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apsos, and Bichons Frise dogs.


It is important to note that Tear stains in themselves are not harmful but may indicate an underlying problem. So, it is advisable to consult your Veterinarian if you notice that your dog is suddenly tearing excessively.


After your vet carries out diagnosis and treatment on your dog, it is important to clean the existing tear stains.This review should serve as a guide towards picking an ideal product to clear your dog’s tear stains.


Table of Content:


  • What is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


  • What is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream made of?


  • How effective is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


  • How should you use Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


  • Using Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


  • Is it worth the price?


  • What are the pros and cons of Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


  • Is this product recommended for dog owners?


  • What else can I try?


  • Is this treatment suitable for humans?




What is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream


Bio Groom Stain Free Cream is manufactured in the USA by Bio-groom and is made specifically for the removal of tear stains on your dog. This is an incredible product that works  by blending away tear stains and imperfections on white hair. This product comes in a cosmetic jar, attached with a comb/brush in an attractive blister pack. It is for only dogs and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

What is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream made of?



It is said to be a hypo-allergenic, 100 percent fragrance free product and is also said to be an all-natural product made of cosmetic oils and waxes.

How Effective is Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


Bio Groom Stain Free Cream serves as a coat to cover your pet’s tear stains. But if you use it repeatedly, it will eventually lighten the fur. The cream coating provides protection from discoloring effects of tears. Additionally, Bio Groom Stain Free Cream instantly blends away tear stains on white hair upon application.


The coating completely covers every tear stain, and imperfections on your dog once applied properly.


As it pertains to the lightening-stained hairs, you have to repeatedly apply this product on the stained areas for a period of time as it gradually lightens them.



Using Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


To administer this product:


  • Gently rub on stained areas, using fingertips to apply.


  • Avoid getting Bio Groom Stain Free Cream directly into your dog’s eyes.


  • Use attached comb/brush to distribute the cream evenly.


  • Apply just enough quantity to cover the stained area.


Using Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


This 0.7 oz product comes in a cosmetic jar. You can apply this cream once, or twice a week.  How long-lasting this product is, entirely depends on how often, and regularly you apply on your dog’s stained areas.


Is it Worth the Price?


The cost of a cosmetic jar, with attached comb/brush in an attractive blister pack ranges from 9-15 dollars across online stores. It is totally worth the price based on how effective it is said to be. It completely hides tear stains, and that is exactly what every dog parent wants.



What are the Pros and Cons of Bio Groom Stain Free Cream?


Ensure that you are using this product in the right way, with the brush/comb for even distribution.


Also, ensure not to apply directly into your dog’s eyes.


Pros Cons
An all natural, 100 percent fragrance free product. Some users have complained that this product is too sticky, and gooey.
Instantly covers tear stains, and imperfections upon application. Reported irritation on dog’s skin, making it red and raw just one day after application.
Comes with a comb/brush for easy use. Some users have reported that they experienced difficulty trying to remove this cream, stating that it wouldn’t come off no matter what they did.
Gradually lightens fur after repeated use for a period of time. Some have claimed that this product only covers tear stainings from a distance, but it looks like a white greese paint up-close.




Is this Product Recommended for Dog Owners?


This product is entirely safe for your dog’s use, as it is an all natural product. It is suitable for dog’s of all sizes, and should preferably be used on white and lightly coloured dogs. It is suitable for use in covering tear stains and any imperfections on your dog’s face.


What else can I try?


You can try the following to clear, or hide your dog’s tear stains;


  • Hydrogen Peroxide: Mix one part Hydrogen Peroxide with ten parts water, and soak a piece of cotton wool in the solution.


Apply carefully to clean stained areas. Make sure you do not get any of the Hydrogen Peroxide in your dog’s eyes…Hydrogen Peroxide can serve as a bleach to whiten the stained areas.

Although this can cause irritation to your dog’s eyes if it comes in direct contact.


  • Wash fur with shampoo: Washing your dog’s fur with dry or waterless shampoo helps to clean its snout. And offers a remedy for dog tear stains by washing away discolouration, imperfections, and any associated smells.



  • White Cider Vinegar: Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to your dog’s  water bowl, it will change the pH of the water and help diminish the appearance of the stains.


At first, your dog may refuse to drink water containing white cider vinegar.


Just be sure to start off small with a few drops, and gradually increase to a full teaspoon  of white cider vinegar so your pet will drink his water.


Is this Cream suitable for Human use?


No, it is not! According to the manufacturer, this product is manufactured for dogs and should be used for dogs only. If you have a tearing problem, seek immediate medical attention.  Wishing your dear pet a beautiful stain-free face.


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