Bravecto Flea Control Chews for Dogs 20-40kg (44-88lbs)


Bravecto Flea Control Chews for Dogs provide a convenient and effective solution to keep your dog free from fleas. With a single chew providing up to three months of protection, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog is shielded from flea infestations. Trust Bravecto to provide reliable flea control, allowing your furry friend to enjoy a flea-free and comfortable life.


Bravecto Flea Control Chews for Dogs is a highly effective and long-lasting flea control solution designed specifically for dogs weighing between 20-40kg (44-88lbs). This three-month supply of chews provides continuous protection against fleas, keeping your furry friend safe and comfortable.



How it Works

Bravecto Chews contain the active ingredient Fluralaner, which acts rapidly to eliminate existing flea infestations and provides extended protection against reinfestation. The chews work by targeting the nervous system of fleas, resulting in their swift eradication. With just one chew, your dog will be protected from fleas for up to 12 weeks, offering peace of mind and convenience.


How to Use

Using Bravecto Flea Control Chews is simple and hassle-free. The chews are palatable, making them easy to administer. They can be given with or without food, and many dogs eagerly devour them as a tasty treat. The convenient three-month supply means fewer doses to remember and a reduced risk of missing a treatment.



Manufactured by a trusted company, Bravecto is known for its commitment to pet health and safety. The product undergoes rigorous testing and adheres to stringent quality control measures, ensuring that your dog receives a reliable and effective flea control solution.


Fleas not only cause discomfort and itchiness for your dog, but they can also transmit diseases and lead to secondary skin infections. By using Bravecto Flea Control Chews, you can protect your furry companion from these risks and maintain their overall well-being.


Who Can Use it


It is important to note that Bravecto Flea Control Chews are specifically formulated for dogs within the weight range of 20-40kg (44-88lbs). It is essential to consult with your veterinarian before administering any flea control product to ensure it is suitable for your dog and to determine the correct dosage based on their weight and health condition.



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