Virbac Knockout E.S. Area Treatment Carpet Spray for Fleas and Ticks-16 OZ

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This spray kills existing flea and tick infestations on carpets and other areas around the house.


One of the biggest challenges as a pet owner is having to control an infestation of fleas and ticks. If you have noticed the infestation reoccurring on your dog after multiple treatments then you may want to look elsewhere for the root cause. Many times the infestation starts thriving on your carpet area making it difficult to treat with a solution recommended for pets. If you notice these creepy crawlies on your carpet and you are thinking of re-flooring your house then you should consider Virbac.


This amazing aerosol spray works wonders to keep adult fleas and ticks away for seven months and prevents an infestation from reoccurring. One spray can cover up to a 21 square feet area and will also target those difficult to reach areas like the corners where the infestation thrives the most. Apart from your carpet, you can also use this spray on your drapes, upholstery, pet bed and floor. This is a non messy odorless spray that will not stain your furniture or upholstery. 




Lasts seven months – One spray will suffice for seven months and will prevent an infestation for that period. 

Multipurpose spray – Apart from your carpet, it can also be used on your curtains, your drapes, under your sofa, on your pet bed and the corners of your home to keep it flea free. 

Odorless – This spray is odorless and will not leave any foul smell or leave a sticky feeling post the spray. 














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