Oral Flea Treatment for Large Dogs from CapAction-25lbs and Over- 6 Count


CapAction oral flea treatment for dogs is a wonderful solution for dogs with light to severe flea infestations. It works in as a little as 30 minutes.


CapAction oral flea treatment for dogs is an effective solution for dogs who don’t like anything applied to their body. This is an effective oral medication that kills fleas without any mess. It is a quick and effective remedy that starts working within 30 minutes. It is suited for larger dogs and comes in a pack of 6 tablets. This particular pack is recommended for dogs above 25 pounds and is very effective for six hours post consumption. It comes from the house of capaction which is one of the most popular brands in flea control.


It has a success rate of over 90% in getting rid of fleas from pets. These tablets are safe for your pet and can be prescribed as often as required. So the next time you plan on going outdoors and you are scared about fleas infesting your pet make sure that you give them this pill so they can enjoy the outdoors without having to come back and itch all day. 




Safe to use – This is an oral medication that does not need to be applied to the body of your pet and leaves no odor. 

Quick action – If your pooch is infected with fleas then this is exactly what they need in order to get rid of them quickly. 

Better coat – These capsules also contribute towards a shiny coat of fur and help in preventing flea larvae and eggs from forming on your pooch’s body. 

Tick and flea free experience – It gets rid of all the ticks and fleas in one go so an infestation, even at its worse, can be brought under control with these tablets. 












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