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Tear Stain Removers

Dog Tear Stains Removers

Tear stains are hard to miss, especially if you have dogs with light-colored or white fur. The marks are often brown colored blemishes that run just below your puppy’s eyes. Now the stains result from dried tears that your dog produces. And the main culprit here is excessive tearing, or …

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Treating Porphyrin Staining in Dogs

Do you happen to own a pooch and have recently discovered red/rusty Saliva or Yeast stains on your furry friend? Don’t panic! There is no need to worry we have put together this fantastic guide for you so that you can take better care of your dog and get rid …

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What are Dog Tear Stains and How to Treat it

Dog tear stains are reddish or dark brown marks that appear under a dog’s eyes. In some instances, the tear stains are accompanied by a discharge. Tear stains are prevalent in certain breeds of dogs and uncommon in others. Tear stains can signpost different things. If you notice them on …

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Tylosin For Dogs

Tylosin for Dogs   Tylosin is a naturally-produced macrolide substance that has been used in veterinary medicine for many decades. While originally used to treat diseases that were not responsive to other drugs in poultry and farm animals, it is now commonly administered to cats and dogs as an antibiotic …

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