Yorkie Tear Stain Removal Guide

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terrier as they are formally known, are one of those breeds that look cute no matter what. With those big brown eyes, long golden curls, and that perfect little circular nose, Yorkies are adorable. There’s only one thing that can ruin a Yorkie’s perfect coat: tear stains. Those dark streaks that run down your pup’s eyes can be frustrating. Anyone who has a Yorkie should learn a few tips and tricks on how to get rid of those pesky tear stains.  Tylosin Powder remains the most effective way of treating Tear Stains that we know of but in this article we will be exploring other methods that may do the trick. 

What causes Tear Stains in Yorkies? 

In short genetics. Yorkies’ tear ducts are naturally programmed to create more tears, which leads to tear stains. Here’s how it works. Tears contain a group of chemical compounds called porphyrins which are rich in iron. Porphyrins are naturally produced inside Yorkies’ bodies and excreted via waste, saliva, urine, and most importantly, tears. Excessive tearing eventually leads to these dark, reddish-brown streaks called tear stains.  

There are several other causes of tear stains such as ingrown lashes, eye infections, inverted eyelid, ear infections, unhealthy diet, clogged tear ducts, and even bacterial and yeast infections.        

How to Get Rid of Tear Stains  

 There are tons of commercial tear stain products on the market. While most of them are somewhat effective, they do come at a cost. They’re full of chemicals. That’s why most dog owners prefer natural, homemade remedies for tear stains. In fact, you can get rid of tear stains with a few minor modifications to your pup’s diet or surroundings. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting your Yorkie squeaky clean.  

Stay Hydrated! 

Staying hydrated is just as important for your pup as it is for you. However, there’s a catch. You can’t give your favorite little Yorkie just any old water. Tap water is a bad idea for any dog that is quick to forming tear stains. That’s because tap water contains a huge amount of minerals, especially iron, which can lead to excessive tearing. In turn, this excessive tearing leads to discoloration and tear stains. By just replacing tap water with purified water, you can easily get rid of a Yorkie’s tear stains.  

Milk of Magnesia 

Milk of Magnesia

One of the best homemade remedies you can make involves a powerful tear stain remover called milk of magnesia. Here’s how it works. You need equal parts of milk of magnesia and medicinal-grade 1% peroxide. Next, add cornstarch gradually, one teaspoon at a time. Once you feel the mixture is sticky and thick, take some and apply it to the tear stain area. Let that dry up for a few hours before combing it out. You might want to use a conditioner to soften the mixture a bit before using the comb.  

     There’s another great recipe that involves milk of magnesia. You just need equal parts of the milk, baby powder, and boric powder. After that, follow the same steps, leaving it for a few hours before combing it out.  

Groom Regularly 

Grooming Yorkie

Imagine having your hair constantly get in your eyes. You’d always be tearing up, right? Well, having too much fur can also contribute to Yorkies’ tear stains. That’s why smart dog owners always trim the excess hair around their pup’s eyes. You can also wipe the tear stain area once or twice a day with a damp cloth if you really want to avoid any kind of irritation.  

Boric Acid Solution 

Boric Acid

     Boric acid is another great compound you can use to clean tear stains. You need 1 tablespoon of boric acid and about a cup of boiling distilled water. Mix those together and let it cool down to room temperature. After that, dab away the tears stains with a cotton ball soak with the solution.  

     You can also use the same formula but with hydrogen peroxide instead of boric acid. The perfect ratio is one part hydrogen peroxide, ten parts distilled water.  Just make sure you run it by your vet first.  

Petroleum Jelly  

Petroleum Jelly

     Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Petroleum jelly really can be used to help prevent tear stains. Here’s how it works. You know how water simply bounces right off of petroleum jelly? Well, when you dab some around the eye area, it creates a tear-proof barrier. That means tear will simply roll right off, instead of accumulating and forming tear stains.  

Face Cream and Powder 

Face Cream

     This one sounds even more ridiculous, but it really does work! Just wet the tear-stained fur a bit and apply a small amount of face cream. You can throw in some talcum powder, as well. After that, rinse out the mixture and pat-dry the area around the eyes. The stains are gone!   

Antibiotic Ointment 


If all else fails, you can use an antibiotic ointment to get rid of tear stains. Quite often, the cause of tear stains is an infection that results in inflammation. This inflammation, in turn, leads to excessive tearing and in turn, tear stains. Another great thing about an antibiotic ointment is that it’s hydrophobic, much like petroleum jelly. Tears will just roll off of your pup’s face.  

Colloidal Silver 

Colloidal Silver

     Colloidal silver is another great thing you could use to get rid of tear stains. It has powerful antimicrobial properties that can help fight yeast and other kinds of fungal infections. Just take a small amount of colloidal silver, apply it to a cotton pad, and clean away your pup’s tear stains.  



If all else fails and none of your attempts at treating tear stains work, then you might want to consider allergens. There’s a chance your favorite little Yorkie is allergic to something in its food, shampoo, conditioner, or surroundings. It might even be seasonal allergies. Regardless of the cause, allergies can cause Yorkies to tear up and eventually, form tear stains.  


If you’ve tried all of these tips and tricks and have made all the necessary changes, but the tear stains persist, you might want to visit your vet. There might be an underlying condition you’re unaware of. That being said, tear stains aren’t really that much of a health problem. It’s more about appearance and who doesn’t want their Yorkie to be squeaky clean?           

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