How to Keep English Bulldogs Face White and Clean

If your English Bulldog hasn’t suffered from tear stains yet, you’re pretty lucky. Tear stains are one of the top complaints among all Bulldog owners. It’s not easy keeping those beautiful white folds clean. Even with what little fur English Bulldogs have, they still get those reddish-brown streaks of discoloration around the eyes. But don’t worry. Tear stains aren’t really much of a health issue. They just look bad, so it’s natural for you to want to get rid of them.  

While eliminating tear stains from your English Bulldog’s coat is easy, keeping them away requires some attention. Let’s look at some homemade remedies and a few tips for treating and preventing tear stains. 

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How to Treat Tear Stains on your English Bulldog 

First up, you want to get rid of those tear stains that are ruining your English Bulldog’s coat. Let’s start with the most obvious solutions and work our way up to more complex remedies. 


Simple, right? You should always have a pack of wipes or even a damp towel with you throughout the day. You never know when those annoying stains will start to develop. At the earliest sign of discoloration, break out your wipes and clean those stains away. In fact, even if you don’t see any immediate stains, make it a habit of regularly cleaning the area around the eyes as a preventative measure. 

Trim the Fluff 

While English Bulldogs aren’t really known for an abundance of fluff, trimming your dog’s hair might help solve its tear stain problem. If there’s too much fur around your pup’s eyes, it can become irritating to the point of tears. Literally. Your English Bulldog will start tearing up more than usual and these tears will eventually turn into stains. You should regularly groom your pup’s hair, especially the area surrounding its eyes.  

Milk of Magnesia Remedy 

This one’s a bit more complex than just giving your English Bulldog a haircut. You’ll need a few ingredients to get rid of more stubborn tear stains. First, you need some milk of magnesia. You can find it in pretty much any supermarket and even online. Next, you’ll need to add equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then comes the tricky part. You’ll have to gradually add cornstarch without knowing the exact amount you need. Just keep adding small amounts and mixing it until you have a thick, pasty mixture.  

Take this mixture and gently rub it onto the areas that are tearstained. This homemade remedy takes time to work. Give it at least 3 to 4 hours. Once it’s dried up, rinse it off and make sure to dry the area around your English Bulldog’s eyes thoroughly. Your tear stain problem should be gone. If there’s still even the faintest bit of discoloration, you’ll want to repeat the process for 2 more days. By then, your tear stain problem should be gone for good.  

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is one of the more popular solutions for English Bulldog tear stains. While this method might be a bit slow, it is quite effective, depending on the cause of your pup’s tear stains. Often, the reason your dog develops these lines is an acid imbalance. Its pH levels might be too acidic or too basic. That’s where apple cider vinegar comes in. 

Apple cider vinegar helps adjust your English Bulldog’s pH levels to make it less susceptible to tear stains. The new pH level is also unsuitable for several microorganisms to grow, which means your pup’s less liable to infections. And guess what? Infections are another causative factor when it comes to tear stains.  

All you need to do is add a small amount of apple cider vinegar to your English Bulldog’s drinking water. With time, it’ll help balance its pH levels. But there’s one thing you should be aware of. Vinegar does not taste good. Your dog might be a bit hesitant to drink, at first. Keep an eye on its water bowl. If you feel it’s not drinking as it should, you might want to cut back on the vinegar a bit until it gets used to it.  

Drinking Water 

Speaking of water, the kind of water you’re giving your English Bulldog could be the reason it has tear stains. If you’re putting tap water in its bowl, you can expect a few dark lines around the eyes, along with a few health issues. Tap water contains tons of harmful bacteria and minerals. These minerals tend to accumulate in your dog’s tears, eventually finding their way onto its coat, staining it.  

If you want to avoid tear stains, switch tap water with purified or filtered water. It’ll keep your English Bulldog healthy and at the same time, avoid tear stains. In fact, some people have noticed significant improvements in the staining in just a few weeks.  


While we’re on the topic of drinking water, you’ll want to consider what you put your dog’s water in. Rubber or plastic bowls are the worst. They’re full of chemicals that can be harmful to your English Bulldog’s health and of course, cause tear stains. Some of them also have minute, barely noticeable cracks that harbor bacteria and all kinds of harmful organisms. You’re better off using stainless-steel bowls if you want to keep your pup safe.  

Corn Flour 

Here’s another effective mixture you can try but be warned, you have to avoid getting it in your pup’s eyes. Why? Well, because this mixture consists of 2 teaspoons of corn flour, a few drops of boiling water, and 1 drop of bleach. We all know how irritating and harmful bleach can be if it gets in your pup’s eyes. Once the mixture has cooled down, apply it to the tear-stained areas. After that, wipe away the stains from your English Bulldog’s coat using a damp towel. 


Getting rid of your English Bulldog’s tear stains is very easy. The tricky part is making sure they don’t come back. It’ll take some perseverance, but if you really love seeing those beautiful, shiny clean folds, you’ll always keep an eye on your pup!    

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