French Bulldog Tear Stain Remover

All dogs develop tear stains at some point. It doesn’t matter how much you take care of your pup, those dark reddish-brown streaks of misery are bound to show up. French Bulldogs otherwise called Frenchies, unfortunately, are more likely to develop tear stains because they are a Brachycephalic breed. That means your French Bulldog requires much more attention than any other dog. You’ll need to find out the reason behind these pesky tear stains and then work out a plan to get rid of them. It might sound hard, but treating your Frenchie’s tear stains is really quite simple. You just need a bit of information and a few good tips and tricks. Here’s everything you need to know about French Bulldogs’ tear stains. 

Why is my French Bulldog Getting Tear Stains? 

One of the main reasons your Frenchie is developing tear stain is genetics. Having a flat muzzle and eyes that are bulging towards the outside of the skull can affect your pup’s tear ducts. This leads to excessive tearing and sometimes, even infections. There are a ton of other factors, as well, such as irritation, infection, drinking water, and so much more. Regardless of what’s causing your French Bulldog’s tear stains, let’s look at how you can treat them.

Treatment options for Tear Stains in French Bulldogs 

There are a variety of safe and effective treatment options available both commercial and home made for Tear stains. We will be discussing some of the most effective Tear Stains solutions for French Bulldogs.

Massaging your French Bulldog 

This may sound a bit weird but the first thing you can try is to gently massage the corner of your Frenchie’s eyes. This is where the tear canals are located. Why? Well, the reason your French Bulldog’s has tear stains could very well be due to a clogged tear duct. When this happens, an excessive number of tears are produced, leading to tear stains. By gently massaging the area, you can relieve a lot of pressure that could eventually eliminate your tear stain problem. 

Tear Stain Wipes for French Bulldogs

Your French Bulldog can’t wash its face every morning, can it? That’s your job. You need to constantly clean the area around the eyes if you want to keep those tear stains at bay. There are tons of effective tear stain wipes that can get the job done. In fact, some wipes can even prevent tear stains from recurring. Look for a product that offers both quality and quantity, at an affordable price.  

     It’s a smart idea to keep a pack of tear stain wipes with you throughout the day because you never know when those tear stains will start to develop. Regularly pay attention to your Frenchie and you won’t have to worry about tear stains again.  

Tear Stain Remover Solutions you can try at Home

 Another thing you can try is a tear stain remover. These solutions are specially formulated to get rid of those frustrating streaks of red. They’ll also leave your Frenchie feeling clean, smooth, and fresh. The important thing is to avoid getting any of the solution in its eyes. While tear stain removers are usually safe, keep in mind that Frenchies have sensitive eyes and you don’t want to cause any irritation.  

     Even better, opt for all-natural tear stain removers that are free of chemicals, additives, and bleach. Those are the safest and most favorable 

Change the Bowl 

Let’s take a moment and focus on why your Frenchie has tear stains. One of the reasons could be the type of bowl it’s eating or drinking out of. If your pup has a plastic feeding or drinking dish, you might want to change it. Plastic allows all kinds of bacteria to build up. These bacteria often lead to tear stains. Also, it’s not easy to sterilize and clean plastic bowls which means there’s no escaping infection.  

Instead of plastic, you want to go for ceramic or stainless-steel bowls. They are much safer and they can help prevent your Frenchie’s tear stains. By making this small swap, you’ll notice improvements in those annoying streaks in a matter of days.  

Change the Drinking Water 

Another thing you can change is the type of water your Frenchie is drinking. If you’re used to giving your Frenchie tap water, don’t be surprised if it develops tear stains more often than usual. Tap water contains a very high amount of minerals. So? Well, these minerals tend to accumulate inside your Frenchie’s body, especially in body fluids like tears. Once these mineral-rich tears reach the area around the eyes, tear stains become more and more of a problem.  

Instead of tap water, you want to go for filtered or purified water. You can simply add a small water filter to your kitchen sink. It can go a long way in preventing your Frenchie’s tear stains and it’ll even improve its health.  

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar is a favorite of dog owners around the world. It works like magic. There are two ways you can use apple cider vinegar to get rid of your Frenchie’s tear stains.  

The first method is easy. Add a small amount to a cotton pad and gently wipe away the stains around the eyes. Just make sure to avoid the eyes because vinegar is a bit acidic and can cause irritation.  

The second method is by adding apple cider vinegar to your French Bulldog’s drinking water. Sound weird? Well, the secret behind this tear stain remedy is actually quite simple. The apple cider vinegar helps modify your pup’s pH levels, making its tears not too acidic and not too basic. It forms a medium that prevents bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms from growing. In turn, this helps keep tear stains at bay.  

Trim your Frenchie’s Hair 

Sometimes the reason behind your French Bulldog’s tear stains is simple: too much hair around the eyes. The excess amount of hair could be causing your Frenchie’s eyes to tear up, resulting in tear stains. By regularly grooming your pup’s coat, you can help avoid this problem.   


French Bulldogs are genetically more prone to tear stains, but that doesn’t mean the stains are untreatable. You can easily get rid of them and even prevent those pesky stains from ever coming back. Put these tips and tricks to use and you’ll never have to worry about tear stains again!


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