Top Four Pet Nail Grinders

Grooming your dog should be an essential part of our pet care routine. In this article we will be discussing the top four products on the market for Grinding your dog’s nails. So let’s get into it!

  1. Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder

When it comes to innovative alternatives for pet nail grooming, an electric rotary grinder is a sure way to keep your furry friends clean, comfy and safe. The Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder is a convenient, cost effective option for the discerning pet owner and pet care professional. Boasting an array of awesome features backed by a value for money, this is the best choice for you and your pet.

Features of Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Out the box you’ll notice the Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder’s lightweight construction. Using state of the art manufacturing and materials, weight has been minimized for maximum convenience and efficiency. The ergonomic design of the grinder extends to its cordless convenience. Running on an onboard power supply unit, powered by two AA batteries, the Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder is a portable powerful solution to you pooch pedicure problems. A handy cover cap keeps the grinding unit safe from wear and damage, and keeps you and your family safe from accidents.


The grinding head is where it all happens. With a diamond bit grinding drum, precision, reliability and durability are guaranteed. This grinding bit sits on a brass shaft connecting it to the rotary motor. Brass is microbial, meaning bacteria and most harmful pathogens are neutralised upon contact, making the Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder a clean, safe tool. Over the grinding bit is a handy regulator cap. The cap has two regulating ports, simply put, different sized access points that correspond to different dog breed sizes, the small port is made for smaller breeds, while the large port is for the large breed range. The cap can be completely removed for an all round buffing and smoothing of the nail if needed. It also acts as a receptacle for nail filing debris, serving as a nifty way to keep grooming sessions clean.

Very Quiet Motor

Keeping your pet comfy and assured is a cinch with the Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder. With a quiet, near mute motor and a low vibration profile, you can rest easy that your pampered pooch won’t easily be startled by the noise of the operating machine. One must always make sure to familiarise their pet with the sight and sounds of the grinder by leaving it on before first use for your inquisitive animal to explore and associate with the love and care its grown to expect from you. In no time at all, grooming will be a fun and exciting experience.

The Wolfwill Electric Pet Nail Grinder is available on Amazon for an awesome price. Batteries not included.

  1. The Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

The Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder packs a multitude of essential features and functionality in a lightweight and compact package. This automatic rotary electric pet nail grinder is one of the most cost effective products in its category and keeps up with the growing demand and discernment of pet owners and pet care professionals alike.

Features of the Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

Discretion is one key functional feature of the Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder. Its compact size and small motor means that noise is hardly an issue when compared to other rotary nail grooming machines on the market. It bears noting that you should always allow the grinder to run for a little while before first use in order for your pet to grow secure and comfortable around the buzzing hum, as quiet as it may be.

Cordless Option

The Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder runs on 2 C batteries pack and is thus a handy cordless option. It’s compact size and pen like shape doesn’t limit it to the small pet size range, but this gives it a specialist edge in that department compared to larger, less graceful automatic rotary grinders. The grinding process is owed to the emery filing wheel that gently and precisely buffs away at those extra layers of nail with very little risk of injuring your pets nerve and blood vessel canal in the quick. The Filing heads are replaceable in a nifty back up pack of 12 adding versatility to ergonomic value.

Easy to Clean Up

The protective cap housing the grinding head of the Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder doubles as a receptacle for all the nail filing dust and debris as it accumulates during use. This function makes the grinder super convenient when it comes to dealing with the mess and stress typically associated with the average pet grooming experience as well as keeping the grinding head safe from out of use wear and from damaging your other belongings.

The Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder is a number one best seller in the small pets category and can be applied to dogs and cats alike, although it must be said, only the most intrepid pet owner would ever bother grooming their cat. The 2 C batteries do not come with the boxed unit which ships off Amazon for $a reasonable price.

Always supplement your purchase with at least one pack of Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder replacement heads to keep you going at home or at work, and a handy tub of Styptic powder for the unlikely but crucial moments when the quick becomes damaged during a grooming session. It’s always necessary to be prepared for your pet. It’s part of the family.

  1. Codos Pet Nail Grinder

The Codos Pet Nail Grinder is an essential addition to your home, grooming studio or veterinary practice is quality engineering and versatile convenience ar what you’re looking for. This cordless electric rotary nail grinder is a hassle free, safe alternative to traditional clippers,offering the best results for minimal effort.

Features of the Codos Pet Nail Grinder

The rotary nail file works by grinding off your pets nails to a smooth finish using a high rev motor with a sanding drum attached for the task. You no longer need to worry about estimating or judging the position of the sensitive nerves and blood vessels located in the quick of the nail. This grinder is smooth and precise, handling the job without disturbing the nail’s delicate inside. A rotary grinder ensures a perfect finish, with  no burs or jagged edges let to deal with.


The Codos Pet Nail Grinder is versatile and can be used on a variety of dog breed sizes and diverse range of pets. The grinding stone comes enclosed in a cap with two different size nail for smaller pets and one for larger ones. Simply place your pet’s nails in the port that corresponds to its size and needs and grind away. Always make sure your pet has grown used to the grinder operation. Although this nifty tool produces little noise, it’s always more calming when your pooch is accustomed to its gentle hum.

Protective Cap

A protective cap for storage and safety fits right over the grinding head,ensuring that you keep your grinder safe from unnecessary wear and keep yourself and your family or colleagues safe from accidental injury. The Codos Pet Nail Grinder doesn’t compromise on safety.

When in use, always begin grinding at a 45 degree angle to ensure maximum safety and effective results for your pet’s grooming needs. The enclosing cap can be removed to allow for a quick, all round smoothing and buffing job. Remember to monitor your operation time so as to avoid overheating of the motor.

Cordless Option

With cordless convenience comes the need for an on board power source. The Codos Pet Nail Grinder is battery powered making it a super ergonomic, portable grooming option. It is powered by two AA batteries which are included free with the purchase of the unit.

This grinder has a resounding customer approval rating and is popular with professionals. It’s the best choice when looking for an easy, ergonomic, automatic alternative to conventional clippers. A must for the modern pet owner.

The Codos Pet Nail Grinder is available on Amazon for an amazing price.

  1. Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder

The Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder is a versatile, hassle free modern approach to taking care of your pets nails. The fully automatic, electronic motorised rotor file allows for a superior grooming experience through the technological innovation and high degree of precision and accuracy implemented.

Features of the Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder

The concept behind the Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder is simple, place a file on a high rev motor and let gentle controlled friction take care of the rest. All you have to do is shape and angle your pet’s nails as desired. The heightened precision and balance also allows for safer use when considering injury to your pet’s quick as well as giving a smoother finish than you’d expect from traditional pet clippers. The file comes in the form of a diamond bit grinder meaning quality and durability are a guaranteed hallmark of this product.

Access Control Cap

The grinder is fitted with an access control cap that has size scaled ports for different pet sizes with port 1 allowing access for medium sized pets, port 2 for smaller animals and removing the access cap engages the entire grinder as port 3 for larger animals and quick polishes. This level of versatility allows the Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder to be used not just as a dog trimmer, but for almost your entire household menagerie from hamsters to hounds.

Safety Cap

Other features include a safety cap that encloses the entire rotor and grinding bit when not in use, this protects you from injury as well as maintaining the essential mechanics from damage and wear. The nifty on off switch located on the grinder’s front panel allows for a seamless, effortless regulation during use as it may become necessary to periodically turn the machine off routinely during a grooming session in order to avoid overheating of the motor.

Ergonomically Designed

The Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder is ergonomically designed to be as quiet as possible so as not to startle even the most feint hearted creature. It operates to emit within the 60 decibels range. Allow your pet to become familiar with the sight, smell and sound of your grinder, so it becomes accepted and respected as just another part of home, don’t however, allow your grinder to be considered a toy as this can lead to potential damage, injury or even poisoning.


Sitting at a great price on Amazon, the Bengoo Pet Nail Grinder is more than a bargain, especially when a new set of AA batteries come part and parcel with the tool.









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