Microdosing, Micro Measurement Spoon Set 6 to 30 mg


This a very useful multi-packaged color coded micro measuring spoon set for your micro-dosing needs. Takes measurements ranging from 6 to 30 mg.



Do you have a medication or a supplement that requires micro-dosing? If you do this multipack color coded micro measuring spoon was specially formulated for your micro-measuring needs.

The package comes with three small spoons with 4 different measuring scoops (the orange one is two-sided!)

Each variety pack comes with a total of 3 measuring micro scoops in three different sizes (and colors). The black scoop measures 6 mg – 10 mg. The red spoon measures 20 mg – 25 mg The 2-sided orange spoon measures 10 – 15 mg on one side and 25 – 30 mg on the other side.

The spoons are color coded so they are easy to identify.


Other Notable Features 


It is a very convenient alternative to a milligram scale. It can be used anywhere and provide a variety of functions.
You will save if by ordering this variety pack. and you don’t have to order expensive bulk packs anymore.




This item ships from the United states and normally sips in 3 to 7 days.


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