Fenbendazole Powder 100 percent Pure Dewormer for Dogs 100 grams


Fenbendazole is a highly effective dewormer that is widely used to treat dogs suffering from parasitic infection.



Fenbendazole is an effective dewormer for dogs, cattle, horses, cats, goats and chickens. It can also be used for a variety of other parasitic infections. It’s completely safe to use.






99 Fenbedazole




  • Powdered form
  • Insoluble in water
  • White or grey color with a specific odor


Recommended Dosage


Helminth Single-dose (for 10 kg ) Multiplicity
Dictyocauleses, Neoascarosis, Strongylatosis, Strongyloidosis 0,4 Once 
Trichuriasis 0,75 Twice with 24h  interval
Dicrocoeliasis 1,0 5 times with 24h  interval
Cysticercosis 1,25 3 times  with24h  interval
Paramphistomatosis 0,75 5 times with 24h  interval 
Sheep, goats
Neoascarosis, Prototrongyloidosis, Strongyloidosis, Trihostrongyloidosis 0,25 Once 
Trichuriasis 0,5 Twice with 24h  interval
Dictyocauleses 0,5 Once
Moniesiosis, Thysanieziosis 0,5 Once
Nepionic cestodes:
Echinococcosis, Coenurosis
2,0 3 times with 24h interval
Dicrocoeliasis 1,0  3 times with 24h interval 
, Pigs
Askaris, Metastrongylosis, Trichuriasis 0,5 Twice with 12h interval
Oesophagostomosis, Ollulanosis, Strongyloidosis 0,2 Twice with 12h interval
Mixed invasion (preventive measures):
piglet from 2 to 10 weeks age
young growth fattening
Once, weekly
Once monthly
Echinococcosis 1,0 5 times with 24h interval 
Parascarosis 0,75 Once
Intestine Strongylatosis 0,5 Once
Strongyloidiasis 0,4 Twice with 24h interval 
Dogs, cats
Ancylostomosis, Сapillariasis, Taeniosis, Trichocephalosis, Toxascarosis, Toxocariasis 2,0 3 times with12h interval 
Fure game
Mixed nematododirosis invasion 0,75 Twice with 24h interval 
Mixed nematododirosis invasion 0,5 3 times with 24h interval 
Chickens, turkey
Askaris, Geteracosis, Сapillariasis 0,5 4-5 times with 24h interval 
Geese, ducks
Amidostomosis, Echinuriosis, Сapillariasis, Syngamidosis, streptocarpus, tetramerous 0,5 4-5 times with 24h interval


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