NeoAlly Front and Back Leg Braces for your Dog

From time to time, our canine friends may suffer from limb injuries related to jumping, walking, running or even arthritis and other limb problems that come with ageing.


It’s quite difficult to come to terms that your beloved pooch may become immobilized for some time if we don’t help. This is why vets recommend braces for dogs who suffer from injury, arthritis, or age-related limb concerns.


Also, when a dog hurts one leg, its other leg will likely get hurt too due to an imbalance caused by the injured leg. For this reason, these leg braces are sold in pairs.


So today, we will be reviewing the popular NeoAlly leg braces for dogs. These leg braces come in different types for both front and back legs depending on where they’re expected to be used.


This honest review of this product is based on real experiences of dog owners who have used or are currently using NeoAlly leg braces for their beloved pets.



Table of Content


  • What are NeoAlly dog leg braces?


  • What are NeoAlly dog leg braces made of?


  • How effective is NeoAlly dog leg braces socks?


  • How to use NeoAlly dog leg braces?


  • For how long can you leave NeoAlly dog leg braces?


  • Are they worth the price?


  • What are the disadvantages of NeoAlly dog leg braces?


  • Is this product recommended for dog owners?


  • What other products can you try?




What are NeoAlly Dog Leg Braces?


These braces are produced by NeoAlly, an England based company established by a group of vet professionals – veterinarians, orthopedic surgeons, and companion animal rehab specialists who create products to help dogs with injuries and joint issues from active running and jumping or age.


They put dog parents into consideration especially in cases when surgery is not an option either physically (age) or financially (cost), and bracing becomes a viable alternative.


NeoAlly dog leg braces are said to be the perfect mobility assistance device to help your dog.


These dog leg braces come in different types for either your pooch’s front legs or back legs.


They have metal spring strips that provide strong support to your dog’s leg while staying flexible enough to keep your dog moving his/her legs at his/her own pace.


These metal spring strips can be removed and re-inserted with ease based on your dog’s condition and these metal spring strips are inserted into the brace with no exposure to your dog’s skin.


The braces specially designed for your pooch’s back legs have a perfect angle design for a snug fit which helps them stay put.


NeoAlly recommends that you remove the metal strips and continue to use the braces after your dog has regained mobility especially when treating limb injury.


Even when the metal strips aren’t necessary to use, the brace still provides good enough support to your dog’s leg and prevents your canine from licking wounds for fast healing.



What are NeoAlly Dog Leg Braces Made of?


The dog braces are made of strong, durable, stretchable, and soft neoprene, which is breathable and comfortable to wear.


Each dog front leg brace comes with 2 or 3 reflective velcro straps depending on the sizes.

These straps secure the brace in place to prevent the brace from moving or sliding down.


Because the velcro strips are reflective, they provide visibility and give you peace of mind when your dog is walking in the dark.


NeoAlly dog braces are designed with 100% safe materials without any toxins or allergens to help your dog enjoy an active, safe, healthy life.



How Effective are NeoAlly Dog Leg Braces?


Based on dog parents who have used and are still using NeoAlly dog leg braces we learned the following.


These braces are super-effective for arthritis and limb injury.


They have also successfully helped dogs after surgery and also helped senior dogs who have developed limb concerns.


Interestingly, some reports from dog parents showed great improvement when used on dogs suffering from bone cancer.


Overall, NeoAlly braces have done exactly what they say (support dog’s mobility and maintain stability), this means they are 100% effective when used correctly.



How to use NeoAlly Dog Leg Braces?


Before purchasing this for your dog, it’s important to select the appropriate size.


To do this, measure the leg circumference 3” above your pet’s dewclaw and choose an ideal size according to the size chart provided. The available sizes are; XXS/XS, S/M and L/XL.


And in case you have any difficulty with the sizing, simply send an email to the company (contact info is always available on the purchase website) and you’ll be assisted accordingly.


Depending on your dog’s measurement, you’ll surely find one that fits perfectly.


Here are the steps to put on these braces;


  • Align the braces with the two support springs on each side of your dog’s leg and the velcro strap on the outside part.


  • Open the brace, insert the straps in-between your dog’s legs from back to front.


  • Stretch the brace and tightly wrap it around your dog’s leg. When using the brace for the back legs, ensure that the hole is right over the hock joint, then fasten the top straps first, followed by the bottom straps.


  • Adjust the brace and tighten it as needed.


Also, repeat the following steps on the other leg and you’re good to go!



For how long can you leave NeoAlly Dog leg Braces on your Pooch?


When using this product on your doggie, please check your dog skin and remove braces from time to time.


Also, remove at night to allow your dog’s legs to “breathe”.



Is it worth the price?


The price of the product ranges from $31.95 to $39 across most online stores. This price doesn’t necessarily depend on the size you’re purchasing for your dog.


This in my estimation is quite reasonable, so yes, this product is defininately worth the price.


This is because it has proven to be very effective from countless reviews attesting to how effective this product is for dogs with limb concerns.


Also, your mobile, active and happy pooch is worth way more than $31.95 which is a fair price compared to some custom dog braces that cost up to $1,000.


Therefore, since NeoAlly is super-effective, economical and safe, this is the right dog leg brace for your canine friend.



What are the disadvantages of NeoAlly Dog Leg Braces?


Apart from some dog parents choosing the wrong size which ends up not working for their pup.


There’s been word about the velcro being a little strong and the good thing is, if you choose the wrong size, NeoAlly is happy to help you out by replacing your purchase with the right size.


As for the velcro straps, dog owners agree that it helps the product to stay in place with little to no adjustments needed throughout the day. What this means is, there are ZERO disadvantages when used as recommended.



Is this product Safe for dog owners?


It is safe for all dog breeds, and there are several sizes you can choose from.


A huge percentage of dog parents who have found success by using these braces accordingly are all over the internet with great reviews, where they constantly recommend these braces to other dog owners.


Plus, several dog owners are glad that their pooch didn’t mind the foot brace being on their feet and the senior dogs are even happy to put them on so they can go out to play.



What other options can you try?


Depending on your pup’s condition, there are several other products designed to help limb issues. But considering that this product has proven to effective…plus, it costs way less than customized leg braces, you may want to consider this as an ideal option.


Or you can simply ask your vet and go ahead to purchase based on your vet’s advice.


Good luck! ?


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