Greenies Pill Pockets, Denamarin, Vitahealth Senior and Vitahip And Joint Products Review

Our dogs at times tends to graduate from pet level and finds themselves being treated as we would our children. Like all mammals they get sick sometimes and more often than not our first instinct is get then back to great health, so you can continue to enjoy the laughter and happiness they bring to your life. When going about this one of the major challenges at times might be finding the best solution to the problem.

In most situations in order to identify the problem a veterinarian will need to be involved and though they are adversely trained and masters of their craft, knowing a few stuff about administering methods and medication for specific dog illnesses will only serve to help.

Dogs are indeed similar to children in the sense that they do not know the value of medication and as such they at times fail to get pass the taste. Because of this issue there is the introduction of numerous products that are design to mask the taste of medication for dogs. The challenge now is choosing the product that is most effective and beneficial to your pet.

Greenies Pill Pockets

Greenies is a company that supplies health and appetizing treats for both cats and dogs. With their treats Greenies provides dental health, positive pilling methods, joint support for dogs and digestive care for cats among other health benefits that ensure that your pets stays happy and healthy. The Greenies treats are designed world renowned scientists, vets and nutritionist. Among Greenies many accomplishments is its Pill Pockets being the number one veterinarian recommended choice for pill administering.

What Greenies Pill Pockets Does

Greenies Pill Pockets is a new and smart way to medicate your dog. The main purpose of the Greenies Pill Pockets is to disguise the smell of dog medication in a wide variety of flavours that will appeal to your pet’s taste buds. When using Greenies Pill Pockets you simple insert the pills you intend to administer to your pet then close the entrance to the pill pocket, by simply pressing the edges together.

The range of different appetizing flavours is guaranteed to have you dog coming back for more. These flavours are inclusive of peanut butter, chicken and hickory smoke among others. Though the main function of the Greenies Pill Pockets is to administer medication to your pet (whether tablets or capsules), it also has a healthy impact on your dogs diet; given that it is so very nutritious, comprising of ingredients such as: Rehydrated chicken, wheat flour, vegetable oil and dried cultured skim milk just to name a few.

Greenies Pill Pockets are a non-prescription product; it is therefore easily accessible and extremely easy to use. There are no known side effects related to the use of Greenies Pill Pockets and when using this product overdosing your pet is highly unlikely.


Denamarin is a supplement that is available for dogs as either chewable tables or tablets.  The Denamarin chewable tablets are available in a thirty count size and a seventy-five count size and can be administered to dogs of all sizes.  The Denamarin tablet is available in small medium and large to facilitate the different sizes of dog, the Denamarin tablets have the same function as the chewable tablets.

Benefits of Denamarin

 This supplement comprises of S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and Silybin, which are known for supporting the liver along with other organs in your pet’s body.  SAMe is known for significantly increasing the levels of glutathione in the lever, which is an important compound formed when SAMe is metabolized. In addition SAMe is also known to aid in the protection of liver cells from cell death, and is associated with liver repair and regeneration.

Silybin, the second active ingredient in the Denamarin supplement, also places a role in offering support to the liver. The silybin aids in the maintenance of a healthy oxidative balance in the liver, through its connection with silymarin which is an extract from milk thistle.

Denamarin has no known significant side effects, they are a non-prescription product and there is research that stands behind the statement that: Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) one of the main ingredients of Denamarin may support cognitive function in dogs.

Vitahealth Senior And Vitahip And Joint Product Review

There comes a time in every dog’s life that he or she needs a bit more help as far as their nutritional needs are concerned. This is when supplements like Vitahealth Senior are a good idea. Older dogs that have otherwise been active and vivacious in the past might become less so due to joint pain or general weakness. In all cases do consult a vet first but general vitamins like the ones being reviewed here, are a good idea in most cases.

Vitahealth Senior Supplement

Once your dog hits six or more years of age, it is time to take action. The same applies to being the owner of a dog that has recently given birth or is about to give birth. In many cases simply being older is going to take a toll on your dog and result in lower levels of energy and enthusiasm even when there isn’t a disease to blame for it. No matter how much effort you put into making sure your dog meets his or her nutritional needs, there is always room for improvement.

Most dog owners don’t realize that a great deal of vitamins and essential minerals are left out in most kinds of dog food. Supplementing the normal diet of your dog with Vitahealth Senior tablets can prove very helpful. These tablets are great because they are in a chewable format which means you can easily hide them in your dog’s favorite food or sneak them into his mouth as a treat.

Ingredients and Benefits of Vitahealth Senior Supplement

The one ingredient that really stands out is Glucosamine which is brilliant for aiding weak joints and bones and can be a real surplus for an active dog that has dwindled with age. The company does specify that it is not advisable to give these chewable tablets to a dog that is younger than six years old. The Vitahealth Senior vitamins are also packed with various antioxidants which are not so commonly included in other supplements of the same variety.

 Most dog owners don’t realize that they are skimping out on vital minerals because they simply haven’t included enough fruit or vegetables in the diet of their dog.  Vitahealth Senior can fulfill those missing requirements and give your canine friend that much needed boost.

When you give your dog Vitahealth Senior you are not just increasing his energy levels but positively impacting his bone health, digestion, and protection from infections. There is evidence to support the claim that Vitahealth Senior helps in quicker blood clotting, a thicker mane and better reproductive health for adult dogs. It is an affordable $13.49 for 60 tablets.

Vitahip and Joint Supplement

This is a supplement specifically for your dog’s hips and joint health as the name suggests. The reason why focusing on those areas is important is because they are used greatly in most forms of exercise that dogs undertake and with increasing age or hyperactivity, those joints can begin hurting or feeling sore. This supplement successfully deals with and prevents pain so that your dog can more comfortably engage in activities he loved when he was younger.

Ingredients and Benefits of Vitahip and Joint Supplement

Just like Vitahealth Senior, Vitahip and Joint also contains glucosamine (glucosamine chondroiton to be exact) which helps to provide elasticity to the body’s tissues and joints. Usage of this supplement over a period of time will result in quicker healing from torn muscles due to exercise which is a dream come true for any dog owner. There are also specific antioxidants in the composition so that the dog’s body can protect itself from the onslaught of cell damage which is common with age.

Overall, it is a good choice for dog owners who want their canine brothers to be stronger and to recover from minor injuries easily. It is worth noting that just like humans; the dog’s body becomes slower in self-healing as age increases which is why Vitahip and Joint is a brilliant inclusion to their diet because it helps speed that process along. The tablets release slowly over time for maximum impact.

The major advantage of this supplement is that your dog will be more mobile, will need to rest less between periods of straining exercise and will overall be in better health since these tablets do contain collagen boosting properties which are great for repairing cartilage and adding flexibility. 

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