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Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula

For the discerning pet owner who wants a natural approach to boosting and maintaining their pet’s health, look no further than Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula. It’s free from harsh antibiotics and chemical additives for that glowing eye line. Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is very palatable and makes for a yummy alternative for your furry or feathery friend. It will help your pet or livestock to maintain a healthy, and vibrant look.  Please note that Angel Eyes Chicken formula no longer contains Tylosin which was the main ingredient used to get rid of Tear Stains.

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Domestic Breeds and Overactive Tear Ducts

Over-active Tear ducts in dogs

Domestic breeds often suffer many defects inherited through generations of selective breeding. As such, some breeds find themselves with congenital overactive tear ducts. Why? Well, simply because most dogs descend from a common ancestor: wolves.

These wolves eventually were domesticated and evolved anatomically which gave us our favorite feline breeds such as poodles, bichons, maltese, boxers, and bulldogs. When they changed physically, their noses became shorter, their eyes became more protruding, and their tear ducts became narrower and more crooked.

All of this resulted in hyperactive tear ducts. This is especially problematic with light colored coats. This is compounded by the fact that dog tears typically contain porphyrin, an iron oxide secreted from the breakdown of red blood cells. So what do we get from all of this? A brown colored streak stain leading from the eyes. Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula helps remove and prevent these eye stains from occurring.

Ingredients Found in Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula

Eyebright Powder

Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula contains a plethora of all natural ingredients such as cranberry powder, marshmallow root powder, olive leaf powder, and eyebright powder. All of these ingredients were added for a specific reason of course, whether a therapeutic or a soothing effect, but perhaps the best ingredient of them all is eyebright powder. You can tell from its name that it was practically made to be in tearstain removal products. And you’re right. Eyebright powder does wonders for the eyes.


First of all, it’s a powerful antimicrobial (antiseptic). It can get rid of tons of bacterial and viral infections. That’s actually very important because sometimes excessive tears aren’t due to an inherited anatomical defect, but due to viral or bacterial infections. So Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula has added eyebright powder for its antimicrobial properties just to be sure that the tearing problem will be solved no matter what. Another reason they included eyebright powder is that it has powerful anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Once again, great foresight by Angels’ Eyes. They took into consideration the fact that sometimes dogs have excessive tearing when their eyes become inflamed. Whatever the cause of the inflammation, the tannins inside eyebright powder can quickly put it out. See how versatile Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is? It practically leaves nothing to chance, covering every possible cause for your dog’s tearing problem.

Allergen Free

Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is free of allergens such as corn, soya and wheat. This is important because there are hundreds of products on the market that contain corn, soya or wheat. They all put our feline friends in danger. That’s because just like some humans are allergic to certain foods, for example gluten, dogs can be allergic to ingredients like soya or other allergens. This allergy can manifest in different forms, from mild irritation all the way to a full-blown asthma attack. Why take such a big risk with products that contain potential allergens when you’ve got Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula? After all, you want to solve your dog’s tearing problem, not give it trouble breathing!

100% Freeze Dried Chicken

Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is manufactured with 100% freeze dried chicken. This was done in order to make the soft chew tablets as palatable as possible. So don’t be surprised if your dog begins craving them more than its regular food. Trust me it’s very likely. They’ll ask for seconds, but don’t give in to those teary puppy eyes. Stick to the correct dosage instructions as tempting as it may be to go over.

Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is Safe to Use

One of the best things about Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is its safety profile. It’s one of the safest products you’ll ever find on the market. You can forget about all the risky side effects that come with most supplements on the market. Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula has something that other don’t: it’s completely natural. That’s right. Being free of dangerous chemicals and additives is just one of the reasons Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is on a different level when it comes to the safety of our beloved pets.

You see, the thing about natural supplements is that they’re much, much safer than chemical-based synthetic supplements. That’s because chemicals, as you’ve probably heard, always have some sort of side effect. Sure some side effects are mild, like rashes, some cough, maybe some irritation. Other side effects can be things like asthma and even life threatening allergic reactions! Luckily, Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is completely natural and free of these pesky chemicals and all their risky side effects.

Doesn’t Contain Tylosin Tartate

Another great thing about Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is that it doesn’t contain the antibiotic Tylosin tartrate. Why am I mentioning this antibiotic specifically? Because it’s quite common these days and you can find it in tons of low-quality tear stain products.

Tylosin Tartate and Cats and Dogs

The problem is that Tylosin tartrate helps get rid of certain respiratory tract infections and conditions in some animals but not cats and dogs. It’s approved by the FDA for use in livestock only, meaning chicken, turkey, and swine. It’s completely forbidden for our feline friends! In fact, a while back, the FDA sent out letters of warning to different manufacturers who were adding Tylosin Tartrate to their tear stain removal products. They had to either remove the antibiotic from their formula or their products would get withdrawn from the market. See? Tylosin tartrate is something you definitely don’t want your dog to eat. It’s a good thing Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is completely antibiotic-free.

Now I’m sure there are quite a few great products on the market but choosing can be quite difficult. Some products are only meant for dogs that are younger than a certain age. Others are only to be used for shedding dogs. Some are made specifically for non shedding dogs. It’s a hassle. You might end up buying something just to return it or throw it away because it’s the wrong type for your dog. But I can guarantee you that won’t happen with Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula. Why am I so sure? Because it’s suitable for all breeds.

Safe for Pregnant Women and Nursing Dogs

Whether it’s a small pup or an old timer or a shedding or a non shedding variety, Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is the right choice. It’s even safe for pregnant and nursing dogs! And trust me that says a lot about Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula’s safety profile because with pregnant dogs, there are no maybes. It’s either safe or not because we’re always worried about the little pups that are on their way. And of the course, their mother. I know when your dog’s pregnant it can be quite a hassle. You can only give her certain kinds of foods and you have to stay away from hundreds of products. Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula however ensures you won’t have to worry about all of that.


Like I said, Angels’ Eyes Plus Chicken Formula is so safe, it can be given to all breeds, pups or old timers and even to pregnant and nursing dogs. It is suitable for both shedding and non shedding varieties. But, as safe as it is, you should always consult your local veterinarian before administering any medication or supplements in case of any unforeseen contraindications. It’s kind of like a golden rule to check with your vet before trying anything out for the first time, just to be on the safe side, you know? After all, the safety of our feline buddies comes first every time.

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